cincuenta y uno.

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Leo walked out of the bathroom , a towel around his lower waist. the droplets of water was still evident on his chest and his hair was wet.

Aleyna looked up at him , a smile playing on her glossed lips as she rubbed the lotion into her hands. "hi" she said and stood up from her position on the neatly made bed.

"hi" he replied , placing a kiss on her lips. she then moved past him and put her jewelry on. "i already laid your clothes out" she told him as he walked to the other side of the bed.

she slipped her flats on her feet and looked at her outfit that consisted of a white sundress. her curls were out and her green eyes were more prominent than ever.

Leo sighed. "what would i have done without you?" he asked and she turned her head , blowing him a kiss. "i'm going to check on Maia" she spoke and heard him hum before she walked towards Maia's room.

she knocked one time and slowly opened the door to see Maia playing with her doll , her black hair in two beautiful pigtails.

"hello there , pretty" Aleyna said and Maia smiled before standing up. "look , abuela did it" Maia pointed to her hair and Aleyna smiled.

"they're so pretty. just like the girl wearing them" Aleyna muttered and Maia smiled shyly. the woman placed a big fat kiss on Maia's chubby cheeks and then extended her hand.

"let's go downstairs and wait for papi to get ready" Maia put her small hand in Aleyna's one and they both skipped downstairs where the others were.

"ah , there you are" Celia spoke as the two walked inside of the kitchen. it was very hot outside so Aleyna turned the air conditioning on.

both grandmothers rushed to her side when she took a seat on the stool."you're getting so big" Celia gushed and put her hand on Aleyna's stomach.

"i can't wait to meet the baby" Lucia excitedly said and Aleyna's heart fluttered. she was so happy that both her parents , aswell as Leo's , were going to be there for the birth of the baby.

she was 5 months pregnant and her belly had grown day by day. she often got emotional everytime she was alone and talking to the baby.

Leo had found her crying in the closet the other day and was instantly concerned. he asked her what had happened  and she just told him that she couldn't believe that there was a baby inside of her.

everytime she looked at the sonar photos or hear the heartbeat of the baby, Aleyna grew emotional.

she was a mother.

something she could only dream of , had become her reality.

Leo had also gone out of his way to get them the heart monitor , so they could listen to the baby's heartbeat whenever they feel like it — it was magical.

Ally was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Leo's voice. "i'm here and ready. we can go" he said and took Aleyna's purse that was on the couch.

"finally" Maia muttered and sighed dramatically , causing everyone to laugh at her.

once everything was closed and the alarms were activated , Leo made sure Aleyna was in the car first. he climbed in next to her after everyone was safely inside.

he had given the driver the address to the place that they were going to go.

their new house.

Leo had let the women go off on all the decorations in the house. they had ordered new furniture for the house and were going over to help get it furnished.

Aleyna slightly opened the window to let in some fresh wind since she was dying of the heat. her hair flew into her own face and some of it went into Leo's face.

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