cincuenta y nueve.

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the plane ride was exhausting , to say the least. Aleyna had woken up to eat , check on the kids and then fell asleep again — at least 4 times.

"hold onto me" Leo spoke in her ear. the bodyguards that were waiting for them just as the jet arrived , had taken their bags , while the security guarded them.

Sofi and Luis had their children , while Maia was latched to her father's side. Leo slid his free arm around his girlfriend's waist and Ally's hands went to Miguel , who was strapped to her chest.

people had started to notice the two footballers  nd made a little circle before they could even reach the front.

Leo just waved at the fans , smiled and gave them little nods here and there , but his focus was getting his family out of there safe.

"right this way, Mr Messi" the bodyguard spoke as he guided them towards the car. hastily , Leo opened the door and all of the children went in first.

Sofi and Aleyna were in secondly and then the two men followed. Luis closed the door of the car and then they all sat in their seats with relieved sighs.

"that was intense" Ally muttered. Luis and Sofi checked on the kids and made sure they were all buckled in while Aleyna unstrapped Miguel from her chest.

the boy had also napped with her on the plane but he was awake now. "here , let me take him" Leo spoke and reached out to his son , who instantly put his tiny arms up.

Aleyna took the strap off and put it on the seat next to her before buckling herself in. she glanced over at Leo and Miguel and they were happily sitting with each other.

Aleyna decided to look out of the window as they drove through the streets of Rosarío. "is this your first time here?" Sofi asked , snapping Ally out of her trance.

the men were in a heavy conversation and the children's attention was snatched quickly aswell.

Ally nodded her head. "it is. i've never been" she spoke. Sofi nodded her head.

Aleyna glanced over at her boyfriend and her son.

Aleyna scooted closer to her boyfriend and he put his arm around her while Miguel was still in his lap , playing with his father's watch.

"so , what're the plans once we get there?" Sofi asked out loud as she re-did her bun.

"well , we're all first going to get the necessary sleep we need" Leo started. "and then we'll have a dinner tonight with my family"

"we can talk about tomorrow's plans some other time" Leo spoke. Sofi hummed.

Miguel drooled and Aleyna took a clean handkerchief and wiped his mouth before 0utting his blue , red and yellow pacifier — that Pablo got him — and put it in his mouth.

the little boy grew calm and laid his head against his father's chest.

Leo's fingers stroked through the ends of Ally's hair and they made her slightly asleep. but it didn't last long.

"we're here" Sofi excitedly squealed and Aleyna woke up once again. she looked out of the window to see a huge , beautiful and modern house coming into view.

the car drove up the driveway and stopped in the front. as soon as the car stopped , the front door of the house opened.

Luis opened the door of the car and the kids immediately jumped out of the car.

Celia , Jorge , Lucia and Sebastian all hugged the children.

Aleyna's stress levels calmed down a little once she spotted her parents. Leo got out with Miguel and Luis soon followed him.

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