cuarenta y cinco.

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Aleyna was officially 5 weeks pregnant.

over the course of that time , she was more tired than ever , drinking orange juice and eating green peppers like crazy and always had to run to the bathroom because of her morning sickness.

it only had been 5 weeks and it was already a rollercoaster.

she put her brown hair in a high ponytail and slipped Leo's light blue hoodie over her upper body. she walked down the stairs where Leo and Maia was.

the little girl was sitting on the stool next to the counter while her father was tying the shoelaces of her shoes. Maia lifted her head and her eyes lit up at the sight of Aleyna.

"hola mami" she spoke and waved. a bright smile was on her face , lighting up the entire room. Aleyna's heart melted at the words and Leo smiled.

she walked over and cupped Maia's face before planting a kiss on both of her cheeks. "hello my angel" she replied.

Leo stood up from his crouched position and grunted as he did so. he put his arms under his duaghter's arms and safely put her on the floor.

"go see if everything is already in your bag" Leo told his daughter and she nodded her head before skipping over to the living room.

he noticed his girlfriend sitting on the stool and parted her legs with his knee before putting his hands om her waist. "hey" he spoke and she put her arms around his neck , pulling him in for a hug.

"hi" her soft voice spoke.

she felt his cold fingertips creep under the hoodie and touch her stomach. it wasn't big in the slightest , but it was slightly forming.

"i can't wait to see it" Leo said and she smiled into his chest. "me neither." she spoke and they just sat in each other's embrace.

Leo kissed the side of her head and rubbed his other hand on her back. Aleyna leaned more and more into his touch.

"i love you" she heard him say and felt the tickling of his beard against her soft cheek. she lifted her head to lookbat him , her fingertips against the skin of his neck.

he watched as strands of hair framed her face. Ally placed a quick peck on his lips. "i love you too"

Leo stepped back a bit and his hands found hers. he carefully and slowly lifted her onto the ground. "come on , we'll be late" he said , his hand on her lower back.

Maia walked back towards them with her backpack neatly on her back. Aleyna chuckled once she saw the girl. "you're the cutest" she said and took Maia's tiny hand.

Maia was going with them. they were going to surprise her with the baby.

Leo guided them both out to the car before locking the doors and getting into the driver's seat. he looked back to see Maia securely in her seat.

"can we go?" he asked as he buckled himself in. Aleyna hummed and nodded her head. she didn't have the energy to talk , she was too tired and all she wanted to do , was sleep.

Leo began to back out of the driveway of his house  , sending the guards he had appointed at the front a kind smile , which they returned.

Leo put his hand on Aleyna's thighs and she laid her soft hand on his , intertwining their fingers.

"i have to show you something after we're done at the doctor" he spoke and she slightly lifted her head from the seat. confusion was spread out on her forehead.

"and what is that?" she asked and he shrugged. "something i've been working on for a few months" he said and she raised a brow.

"may i know what it is?"

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