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"you look happier"

Aleyna smiled and her eyes crinkled in the corners as she did so. it was a genuine smile. she leaned comfortably back in the chair that was placed infront of Sylvia.

"i am" she answered, her eyes falling to her lap.
Sylvia had an amused and curious look on her face. she carefully put the notebook down on the coffee table onfront of them and adjusted the black rimmed glasses on her face.

her hands intertwined themselves and rested on her lap. "care to elaborate?" she voiced. Aleyna looked up at her. images of Leo flashed through her mind , causing her heart to flutter.

the tiniest thought of him made her insides go crazy.

"i had a...really great week" Ally said , a ghost smile playing on her cherry glossed lips. Sylvia continued to watch her and her movements.

"um...i met someone"

Sylvia almost instantly smiled. Aleyna was like a schoolgirl with a crush. her fingers fiddled and a blush crept onto her cheeks. she then looked up , her hair falling down her shoulders.

"i met him...a whole while ago , actually" she started , sitting more comfortably in the seat. "he was always just a friend. though that changed in the couple of weeks"

it was silent for a little while. but not the uncomfortable or sad silence. "did something happen between you two?" the therapist asked.

flashbacks flooded her mind and she smiled , nodding her head. "we kissed..." she trailed off and Sylvia smiled widely. "you did?"

Aleyna nodded her head , bouncing her leg up and down. "last night, actually." she quickly added. the memories were still freshly burned inside her mind. Aleyna knew she wouldn't forget it anytime soon.

"and how did the whole thing made you feel?"

"it made me feel amazing. it was like something u had waited for my entire life" Aleyna spoke. Sylvia leaned back in her chair , just listening to her talk. this was the first time she had ever seen Aleyna with a smile.

"it was like a wave of relief for me , you know?" she spoke and Sylvia motioned for her to continue talking.

"ever since i left Madrid , all i've ever known was heartbreaks and break downs. and he's been there through it all. it feels so...refreshing to have him"

Sylvia watched as Aleyna's eyes were filled with love and admiration as she talked about this man. it amazed her how much this man had changed Aleyna for the better.

"you know," Aleyna started and looked up to face Sylvia. "he was the one who first told me that my feelings and emotions were valid. he was the one who got me out of that pool," she continued.

"he was the one who found me unconscious on my bed and took me to the hospital and you know who was there when i woke up? he was" Aleyna said , a smile playing on her lips.

"and then there's Maia...a literal angel" she said. Sylvia's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and it didn't go unnoticed by the Spanish girl.

"his daughter" Sylvia nodded in understanding. Aleyna sighed and looked down at her hands. "he told me he was falling inlove with me"

Sylvia's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "and you? how do you feel?" the older woman asked , crossing her legs over each other.

Aleyna looked up and took a breath. "i think i'm falling inlove with him too" Sylvia almost went and hugged Aleyna. she felt immense excitement and happiness for the girl.

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