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"are you serious?" Aleyna asked , her eyes twinkling and a wide smile on her full lips

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"are you serious?" Aleyna asked , her eyes twinkling and a wide smile on her full lips. her fingers were holding the fork in them , with the spaghetti still wrapped around it. Leo nodded his head , swallowing some of his already chewed food.

"yes and then I had to beg my ma to get it off of me" he chuckled , shaking his head with a smile at the thought of his two year old daughter. Aleyna laughed , her body shaking as she imagined Leo being covered in baby throw up.

they were currently sat in the restaurant , soft music playing from the speakers and the clinking of glasses , cups and utensils against the ceramic plates.

"did you ever get used to it?" Aleyna questioned , amusement swimming in her eyes as she ate some of the spaghetti that was already on the fork.

the Argentinian shook his head. "never" he said with a smile. Aleyna just smiled and they continued to eat their food in a comfortable silence.

Leo looked up as Ally's eyes was on her plate. he analyzed her every feature. the perfect slope of her nose , her naturally perfectly shaped eyebrows , her lips — everything.

to Leo Messi , she looked perfect.

but underneath those amused eyes and that smile that spreaded out on her lips , he knew that there was huge hurt that hid itself.

Leo snapped himself out of his trance once another tune was played over the speakers of the restaurant and cleared his throat.

to his surprise , Aleyna was the one who spoke up.

"I took your advice..." she trailed off , making the Argentinian look up from his plate. he scrunched his face up in confusion.

"the therapist" she said and Leo nodded his head in realization. a small smile stretched around his lips and he slowly nodded his head. "that's where I came from earlier" the girl continued to speak.

"it's not safe to walk alone , especially around Barcelona" Leo spoke , taking a sip of his glass of water, which was standing next to his half eaten plate.

"well , until I can buy a car , I guess I'm continuing taking walks"

"you don't take Ubers?"

"no , not really."

Leo hummed , taking another bite of his food. it was quiet for a whole while between them as they enjoyed their lunch in silence.

while Leo's eyes were on his plate , Aleyna's eyes were on him. she was an observer and so far , she noticed how Leo's eyes crinkled when he smile , how slightly annoyed he got when some strands of his hair fell infront of his eyes , how he reminisced when he talked about a memory or how he loved talking about his daughter.

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