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"i shouldn't be here. i had work"

he placed his forearms on the table , intertwining his fingers. he nodded his head. his hair was now gelled back neatly onto his head.

"i know" his voice was gentle and his words were slow. she sat on the other side of the table , furrowing her brows together.

the café was not noisy. it had some music playing over the speakers and the only sounds other than that , were those of people talking and the clinking of utensils against the ceramic plates.

Aleyna recognized the place. it was a café on the other side of Barcelona.  she only had been there once.

"then why did you demand me here? is something wrong?" she asked worriedly. her green eyes were filled with concern.

he chuckled and shook his head , a pained expression on his face. he sighed. she slumped back in her seat.

"just tell me , my love. what's wrong?" she asked once again. his eyes darted away from hers.

"come on , Cris. stop with the suspense"

at the mention of his name , his head snapped up. the way she said it made him want to cradle her against her chest.


she instantly grew concerned. he never called her on her name. it was always a nickname.

Cristiano cleared his throat, leaning forward and sitting more comfortable. he opened his mouth. the words didn't want to spill out.

"i uh...i...the last thing i want to do is hurt you," he started and Aleyna frowned , tapping her fingers fast on her leg.

"but...but you need to hear it" he said. his eyes darted around as if he was anxious about something. as if he was waiting for something or someone to pop up.

"Aleyna , i just want you to know that you couldn't have loved me better" his hands took hers in his. his thumbs drew circles on the back. by the sound of how this conversation, she knew it wasn't good.

"what...what do you mean?"

"i think we should press pause" his words confused her. "pause? pause on what?" she asked , chuckling a little bit since she was clueless. her eyes searched through his for an answer.

"on us. our marriage"

her heart fell. her eyes grew sad and a pit formed in her stomach. she slowly retreated her hand back from his , leaving his cold and alone on the decorated table.

sh tucked her hands in her lap and frowned. "you can't just...decide that" she said as she looked at him. tears were brimming in her eyes.

as much as it hurt him to say it , he knew it was true and he knew she had to hear it. he had to end it with her. immediately.

he ran his hand over his face. "oh come on , Aleyna. it was never going to work for us. it never will." he said , a pained expression on his face.

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