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voices could be heard

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voices could be heard. but not the friendly and lovely talking like before. no. this time , it was getting louder and more agressive. Cristiano's voice could be heard clear , all the way from upstairs.

Aleyna was still standing in the same spot , holding the paper in her hand, her free hand covering her mouth and her vision clouding with tears.

she wiped the tears away , not wanting to get some on the paper. her eyes went all over the paper , checking every little detail.

but it was the date that set her off.

she walked out of the room , her shaky legs only taking her slowly down the stairs. silent tears were on Aleyna's cheeks but she did not even try to wipe them off , seeing as they never stopped flowing.

as she went nearer , the voices become louder.  Cristiano was one of the talkers , Lyra the second.

"we didn't even want you at this dinner" Cristiano said and Lyra stood up from her seat and crossed her arms. Sophia , Maria and Katia didn't know what to do or say.

it was rather awkward for them.

"oh , i that your family is here , you're acting all hot headed , isn't that right , Cristiano Ronaldo?" Lyra had asked with a frown.

Cristiano's jaw clenched as his held on his fork tightened. "Samra!" Cristiano called and in a second , the woman walked out from the kitchen.

"take the kid out of here. let him have his dinner with you in the other room" he said , referring to Santiago. Lyra didn't stop him from doing so , since she knew she could get disrespectful with her mouth.

"don't talk to me like that in my house , you hear me?" the footballer said with his glaring eyes on the dirty blonde.

"acting all tough now?" Lyra asked and her eyes flickered to Aleyna who was now silently standing behind them.

"Ally , darling" Lyra said and Cristiano turned around to watch her. he looked at her face. he saw how the tears were on her cheeks , how red her eyes was and how shaky her hands were. he didn't like it.

then he saw the white paper in her hands and his heart sunk. he immediately stood up from his seat , confusing everyone.

Lyra scoffed. "Aleyna" she said and everyone's attention were on her. "ask Cristiano if he needs to tell you anything"

Cristiano's heartrate went from 1 to 100. "Ally , baby" he breathed out and she looked up. Katia grew instantly concerned.

"Ally? what's wrong , amor?" she asked as she stood up aswell. this was no longer a peaceful dinner. Aleyna just stared at the paper in her hands , closing her eyes briefly.

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