cuarenta y cuatro.

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Aleyna pulled out a tub of ice cream , a bottle of water and some chocolates as she walked over to the living room. the curtains were open and the light was streaming into the living room , creating a beautiful glow.

she places the stuff on the coffee table before pulling the hoodie over her body , throwing it to the side. she pulled her tank top over her belly and waved her hands to her face.

it was getting so hot.

she walked over to the wall and turned the fan on. Aleyna let put a sigh of relief when the cool wind hit her body. her brown hair and her shirt whipped against her body as she let out a content sigh.

after she was sure that she was okay and not going to die because of the heat , the Spanish woman walked back to the living room and sat comfortably on the couch.

she pulled the ice cream tub in her lap and took the remote that was laying in the corner of the couch.

Leo had a press conference today and he wanted her to watch it. the journalists will most likely ask him about Aleyna and Cristiano but she already gave him the green light, telling him that it was okay and he could tell them.

"Maia! papi is going to be on" Aleyna said as her head was turned towards the stairs. she opened the tub of ice cream and took one of the spoons she got from the cabinets.

Maia's little feet could be heard pattering down the stairs. her hair was in a bun on the top of her head , some strands falling messily over her face and she had her Barbie doll in her hand , aswell as a paper in her other hand.

"come on , here's ice cream for you, amor" Aleyna said and motioned to the strawberry flavourd ice cream tub that was in her lap. Maia eyes lit up and she ran over there quickly.

"careful" Aleyna said and tried to make sure the little girl didn't fall. Leo was a bit nervous to leave Aleyna with Maia alone at home. he knew that this pregnancy was fragile and he didn't want something to happen.

but since he wasn't going to be training all day , she assured him she was going to be okay with Maia.

Aleyna looked up from the tub to see Maia standing shyly infront of her. she frowned and put her spoon back in the tub. "what happened?" she asked and Maia smiled wider and shook her head.

instead, she held out a piece of paper in her hands. "what is this?" Aleyna asked and took the folded paper out of the girl's chubby little hands.

"i made it" her soft , baby like voice spoke and Aleyna licked her lips before she unfolded the paper.

on it , was drawn three figures.

it was Leo , Maia and her. Leo and Ally had held her hands in the cute drawing and Ally's eyes darted around the piece of paper.

Aleyna's eyes teared up at the sight of what was written upon each one of the figures.




she looked up at Maia and her eyes couldn't stop the tears from falling. she put the paper down next to her and engulfed Maia in a hug.

she repeatedly kissed Maia's cheek and held her close to her. Maia loved it and put her small hands around Aleyna's neck.

"te amo , mami"

Aleyna full blown cried right then and there.

she rubbed her hands on Maia's back and pressed her lips to the little girl's forehead. "te amo , mi corazóncito" Aleyna muttered and pecked Maia's cheek once again.

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