cincuenta y cuatro.

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"how're you feeling , mama?" the doctor spoke as she gazed upon Aleyna. the Spanish woman was laying on the hospital bed with her hospital gown on her body and her brown hair in a bun.

Celia , Lucia , Jorge and Sebastian were sitting outside in the waiting room with Maia while Leo was sitting directly next to Ally.

"i'm doing good. just some minor pains" Aleyna responded. the brunette doctor nodded her head. "you're about..." she trailed off.

"3 centimeters dilated" she spoke and Aleyna nodded her head. "how long will we be here?" Aleyna asked.

Leo's thumb rubbed softly on the outside of her hand , soothing her.

"is this your first pregnancy?" the doctor asked and Aleyna hummed and nodded her head. "then it'll take about 3 to 6 hours"

Aleyna let out a shaky breath but nodded her head nonetheless. "i'll send some nurses in to be here for you , okay?" the doctor spoke.

"is it alright if we can be alone for a little bit?" Leo asked as he looked at the doctor. the woman held her clipboard in her hands and nodded her head.

"only if you promise to call the nurse once something is off"

Leo nodded his head in agreement and they watched as the doctor exited the room.

Aleyna sighed and put her head back on the pillow. "this is going to be a long ride" she chuckled. Leo brought her hand up to his lips and placed a peck on it.

"it'll all be worth it , won't it?"

"what time do you think he'll be here?" Aleyna asked as her free hand was on her belly.

"maybe at 3:04" he spoke and she nodded her head and licked her dry lips.

the Argentine noticed this and brought the waterbottle up to her lips, ordering her to take a sip of it. she scrunched her face up at the taste of the bland water but drank it anyway.

there was a singular knock on the door and then it opened , revealing two nurses. they gave the couple a smile and then went back to checking their machines and their paperwork.

"how're you feeling , Miss?" the blonde one asked as she turned her head to face Aleyna. "as good as i can get"

"is there anything i can do to dilate more quickly?" Aleyna asked out of curiosity. the blonde one gave her a smile and put her clipboard down.

"hasty , are we?" she teased and Aleyna shrugged with a sheepish smile on her lips. "well , Miss. usually we would give patients some advice and some tips to dilate further" she started.

"but we've been informed by doctor Gomez about your condition and how this is your first pregnancy. she told us about your treatment and how it's a pretty delicate situation. because of that , we can't let you get up and do anything so you'll have to be just a little more patient"

Aleyna took in the information and nodded her head , her eyebrows creasing a bit. "okay , i understand" she let out a breath and the blonde nurse went back to her paperwork.

"should we let Luis and Sofi know?" Aleyna asked. "i already did. they're flying out" he spoke and Ally's brows raised.

"really?" she watched as her boyfriend nodded his head. "they didn't have to" she added and Leo gave her a look.

"you know how they are by now"

Aleyna wasn't really surprised since the two of them are great at making last minute decisions.

the two nurses exited the room and Leo turned to his girlfriend once again. "do you want something to eat?" he asked her.

she shook her head. "no , i don't think i can digest anything right now" she spoke and sat up straighter against the pillow with the help of Leo.

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