treinta y nueve.

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⚠️ smut warning
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the three days were absolutely amazing. not only had Aleyna been reunited with her parents , Leo had also build a bond with them. Lucia and Sebastian Garcia adored him to death.

the whole weekend consisted of them eating and the men and Luis playing football in the backyard.

Aleyna plopped herself on the grass. her hair was sprawled out and she was covered in sweat. Leo raised a brow as she heaved for air. "it's not that bad" he had the ball under his arm and Luis was sitting on the grass , giving his older sister a bored look.

"no , i've had enough" Ally grunted and Leo rolled his eyes. "you're so dramatic" he said and bounced the ball against her thigh. she hissed and glared at him. she would've attacked him right then and there , but she didn't have the energy to do that.

"i'm not. we've been playing for 2 hours , Leo. 2 hours" Ally spoke and let out a sigh. even Luis was tired from all the playing. his shirt was thrown on the other side of the lawn and some of his dark brown hair clung to his forehead from all the sweat.

"so?" the Argentine asked with a raised brow. Aleyna gave him a look and her lips were in a thin line. "so? so? last time i checked , i wasn't a world start footballer"

Leo rolled his brown eyes at his girlfriend's words and he threw the ball to the other side of the lawn. Lucia walked out of the house , wiping her hands on her apron.

"Seb is on his way home. dinner will be ready soon" she said with a smile. the sun was setting and creating a wonderful view of the sky. it was a mix of orange and yellow.

Aleyna put her hands up and Leo took both of them without hesitation. he slowly lifted her up to her feet. Luis had taken the ball and went upstairs to his room.

Leo pulled her in for a hug and the two just melted against each other, drenched in sweat.

"i really need a shower" Ally muttered and briefly closed her eyes. Leo looked down at her and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. he lifted his arms away from her.

"yeah," he started and sighed heavily. "first one to get to the room gets to shower first" he spoke fast and ran inside of the house. Aleyna quickly realised and she gasped before sprinting after him.

"hey! that's unfair" she yelled and followed him through the living room and past the kitchen. Lucia watched as Aleyna ran after Leo and tried to grab onto his shirt.

"hey , careful!" Lucia said and shook her head , knowing they won't be paying her any attention.

Leo sprinted to Aleyna's door and opened it , only to be pushed to the side by the hands of his girlfriend.

he layed on the floor and lifted his head , seeing her smirk down at him. "that's what you get" she spoke and childishly stuck her tongue out at him.

he narrowed his eyes before grabbing onto her legs. she shrieked and he pulled her down with him. he poked her side , causing her to squeal.

"stop it" she warned. her tone was serious , but her eyes were twinkling with amusement. he smiled down at her before slightly digging his fingers into her side.

laughter erupted from her throat. she lamely tried to push his hands away from her body but they didn't budge. "stop it." she said through laughter.

Leo watched as tears formed out of the corners of her green eyes due to the laughter. "will you let me shower first?" he asked and watched as she shook her head.

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