treinta y cinco.

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did she hate attention?

the answer was yes. Aleyna wasn't someone for the cameras and definitely didn't want anyone to talk about her. she preferred being alone and safe —hence why she was never at Cristiano's games or award shows.

but she found herself actually enjoying it. she stood with a smile as she watched Leo jog off the field with the rest of his teammates. she found herself in a Barcelona shirt , with Leo's name on the back and cheering for them.

she never used to like the sport , but she slowly found herself beginning to take an interest in it. mostly because Leo forced her to watch old football games with him and she loved the way he explained the game or told her the names of the older players who used to be at Barcelona.

she began to like and understand it. she didn't know if it was because of the sport itself , or because Leo was the one who was teaching her — probably the second one.

Maia was standing on the chairs , excitedly clapping her hands as the cameras zoomed in on the player's face. Barcelona had won the game 1-0. it wasn't a big win , but a win nonetheless.

"can we go see papi?" Maia asked once the players walked down the pitch. the fans were still screaming , cheering and waving their shirts or flags around.

Aleyna nodded her head. "we should" she spoke and grabbed her and Maia's necessities. she took Maia's hand and the two safely moved away from the stands. Maia hopped as she walked with Aleyna down the hallway.

it smelled a lot like cologne and sweat. the home players were standing around , defeated and the coaches were talking amongst each other.

there were closed double doors , with the words away team written boldly on it. Anna and her children , as well as the other wives and girlfriends were waiting in the waiting room for the players.

"Aleyna , so happy to see you" Anna said and immediately wrapped the woman in a hug. Aleyna smiled. "felt like i haven't seen you in so long" the Spanish girl said and sat on the couch. she sent a smile to the others and got smiles back in return.

Anna plopped herself next to Aleyna and Maia went and conversed with Ronald's wife and their little baby. Ally watched as Maia played with the baby girl's hand.

"so? i saw the tabloids..." Anna trailed off , a little smirk playing on her coloured lips. a small frown was placed on Aleyna's forehead. "tabloids?" she asked , genuinely confused.

"people were going batshit crazy and tried to figure out who you were. it's kind of funny" Anna spoke and Aleyna chuckled. "i didn't even want to go out because i knew this would happen.'s Leo" Aleyna smiled.

Anna stared at Aleyna's side profile. a smile twitched at the corners of her lips as she watched a blush creep onto Ally's cheeks.

"you really love him , don't you?" the question caused Aleyna to look at Anna. she licked her cherry lips and nodded her head. "i do. i love him. both of them" her eyes went over to Maia who was in a conversation with Anna's daughter.

the doors opened and the chatters came from the players. they were holding their training bags on their shoulders as they were engaged in conversations with one another.

Maia instantly ran over to her father and he placed a kiss on her cheek. her eyes quickly searched around and they fell on where Pedri was standing with his mother Rosy and his brother Fernando.

it didn't take Maia long to make her way over there.

Leo smiled once his brown eyes caught Aleyna's green ones. they scanned her entire outfit and the sight of his shirt on her upper body made him fall more and more inlove with her.

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