cuarenta y seis.

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it was 5 am.

Aleyna rolled over and she opened her mouth to yawn. she looked at the time and sighed at herself for being up so early.

she glanced to see Leo still sleeping and she stared up at the ceiling.

she could really do with some strawberries right now.

her mouth began to water at the thought of strawberries and she carefully slipped out from under the covers. she looked over at Leo to see him still sound asleep.

she put her bare feet on the cold floor and shivers ran up her spine. putting on her slippers , she walked downstairs, putting the lights on as she walked through the hallway.

the kitchen finally came into view and Aleyna smiled at the thought of getting to her strawberries.

she flickered the lights on and opened the fridge. the coolness radiated off of the fridge onto her and she sighed in relief at the feeling.

she rummaged through the kitchen , only to find an empty punnet of strawberries. her mood deflated.

she just stared at the empty plastic punnet in her hands and put her forehead against the side of the fridge.

tears pricked at the corner of her eyes and she could feel her heart ache at the sight of the empty punnet.

there were supposed to be strawberries.

why weren't there any strawberries?

Aleyna closed the fridge door before sitting at the kitchen counter. sobs erupted from her throat and she wiped the tears with the back of her hand.

it didn't help because new tears seems to stream down her face every second.

"Ally?" she heard Leo's deep , groggy voice.

she wiped her eyes and put the empty punnet down. he squinted and then his face turned into a one of worry once he saw her bloodshot eyes.

"mi amor? what happened?" he asked, rushing to her side. he had his shorts on and he was shirtless. his hair was messed up and it was evident he woke up a few seconds ago.

his hands went to her face. "tell me" he said , his voice softened. Aleyna looked down and she lifted the empty plastic punnet. "look, no strawberries"

Leo's worried eyes turned to one of amusement. he pulled his hands away from her face and she sniffled again. "what happened to them? why're they gone?" she asked , frowning as she sniffed.

Leo raised a brow. "you ate them" he said and she frowned and look at it in her hands. "no , i didnt" she said and he leaned against the counter.

"yes , you did. i found you last night , munching on them in the refrigerator light"

Aleyna opened her mouth to talk but closed it again. she licked her dry lips and took the empty punnet. she threw it in the trashcan.

Leo walked to the fridge and took out some grapes. he washed them under the tap and put them in a bowl. "here" he said , his voice soft.

"but i don't want grapes" she spoke. Leo took one and put it in her mouth , forcing her to eat.

"eat it. i'll go get you strawberries" he said and , placed a kiss to her cheek. Aleyna swallowed the rest of the grape before staring at her boyfriend with a frown.

"what do you mean?" she asked and followed him back upstairs, the bowl of grapes in her hands. he walked towards the closet and took out a shirt and a hoodie. he pulled both clothing items over his head.

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