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the day arrived when Aleyna would finally move to Barcelona

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the day arrived when Aleyna would finally move to Barcelona. she felt nervous and excited at the same time since it was a huge change for her. she had never been in another city in Spain other than Madrid , let alone live in one.

the Spanish girl was currently spending her last moments in Madrid with Sofi , Luis and their children. she figured it would be nice since she didn't know if she'd ever return to Madrid again.

the weather was nice. not too hot or too cold. just the right amount of sunshine and the right amount of wind.

Aleyna was sitting at the table with Luis and Sofi as they drank their wine , while Delfi was on her phone and the boys were playing some sort of game on theit tablet.

"you know , I'm really glad you're going to Barcelona. taking time for yourself , making your own choices , looking after yourself..." Luis started as he looked at Aleyna.

"yeah , me too. feel like I need to work on myself first before making any huge decisions and being on my own and in my own space will allow that"

Sofi hummed , wiping the strands of hairs away from her face. "you already resigned?" she took a sip of her wine , watching as Aleyna slowly nodded her head.

"I was supposed to give them a notice beforehand but they told me that they'd make an exception for me" she shrugged.

"don't rush yourself into finding a new job though" Luis spoke up, receiving a nod in return. his wife agreed.

"you've been through so much , you deserve to rest..."

Aleyna was truly grateful for Luis and Sofi and that she got to meet them. in all honesty , she would have no idea what to do if this happened and she didn't know them.

not only had they opened their doors for her in such a time , but they included her , gave her time to process everything and gave her a house to live in , without rent.

Aleyna would not let that get past her though. she was grateful for everything , but she can't wait for the day when she'd be healed from everything and be able to pay the couple back for everything they had done for her.

the girl picked her glass of red wine up and took a sip of it , letting the sweet sour taste flow down her throat. she was honestly just savoring this before she goes to Barcelona. 

Luis and Sofi told Aleyna about Barcelona and how much they think she'd love it there.

"who knows? might even see you at a football game" Luis teased and Aleyna let out a scoff with a soft smile. "oh please no"

"no more football games for me. atleast not for a while"

the two chuckled at her response talking more to her. "have you decided what you're going to do? about the divorce..." Sofi trailed off.

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