treinta y tres.

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she slipped her black heels on her feet and stood infront of the body length mirror. she made sure the white and blue pantsuit was appropriate and ran her manicured hand through her long hair once again.

she took a deep breath as she analyzed herself through the mirror that was in the living room. she was nervous , but also relieved. the thought of seeing Cristiano again , made her nauseous, but she knew she would have to do it — especially if she wanted to be with Leo.

"stop overthinking" Leo spoke. Ally turned her head to where he was sitting by the kitchen counter. she walked over to him and he opened his legs , so she could stand inbetween them. once she was near , he placed his hands on her waist.

"i'm just nervous for some reason" she admitted, letting out a breath. the house was quiet , since Maia was at Anna's house, playing with the girls.

Xavi had also given Leo the day off , seeing as this was very important to both him and Aleyna. normally, there was no way in hell that Xavi would let one of his star players skip a day of training , but he knew how much Leo overworked himself.

"of course you're going to be nervous" he spoke and her green eyes looked into his brown ones. Leo had decided that green was his favourite colour now.

"he was your husband. you were together for so long. of course it's going to be nerve wrecking" Leo didn't like talking about Cristiano — especially since he was her husband. but he knew he had to put all those jealous thoughts aside and help her get through this.

"i love you so much" she said and he smiled up at her. she bent down and gave him a kiss on his lips. a kiss he definitely savored.

the two just stood there in each other's embrace , not wanting to let go.

"i applied for a job" she said out loud and he looked up at her , taking in her beauty. "when?" he asked her.

her hands played with his black hair. "a couple of weeks ago. i didn't want to get my hopes up , so..." she shrugged and he nodded his head.

"you'll get it," he assured her. "and if you don't...i'll set the building on fire" she laughed and her green eyes glistened. "you're way too soft for that"

Leo raised a brow. "me? soft? never" he said and narrowed his eyes. Aleyna gave him a deadpanned look. "you let me and Maia do your hair and put tiaras on you"

the footballer just stared at her before scoffing. "i think it's time we go" he waved her off and stood up from the stool , causing her to laugh.

he pulled her behind him as she held her stuff in her left hand. she walked behind him , making sure the doors of the house was locked.

Leo opened the car door for her like the gentleman he is. Aleyna blushed and got in the car.

"you okay?" he asked once he got in the driver's seat and closed the door. he looked over at her and she nodded her head with a smile , making a dimple pop out. she looked adorable.

he reached over and kissed her on the cheek , causing them to flame. he started the engine and backed out of the driveway of his house. "want something to eat?" he asked her with curious eyes.

"yep , some coffee and a chocolate donut" she sighed at the mental images of the donut. he nodded his head and began driving to the driveway of a fast food restaurant.

Aleyna played with the rings on Leo's fingers as his veiny hand was on her thigh. her green eyes looked out of the window at the people who were passing by. she was glad that the windows were tinted , otherwise people would've been snapping pictures of them.

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