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suddenly , every memory came rushing back to her , slapping her like a hand to a cheek. she just stood in place as she stared at her husband. his eyes were wide. wide with shock. he gulped , making his Adam's apple move up and down in his throat.

Aleyna had never wanted to cry so bad in her life. she thought she was getting better. just the sight of him wanted her to break down and cry. she knew it probably sounded pathetic , but it was hard.

"anjo..." he trailed off and Aleyna took a step back. there was hurt plastered on his face. his wife was declining his touch.

it was evident by the tears pooling in his eyes that he missed her. he missed her sweet perfume. he missed her long brown hair. he missed it. he knew he fucked up. he didn't know why he did —children probably played a big factor in it.

Cristiano had longed to see her. just once again. just to make sure she was alright. and seeing her infront of him , alive and well , was making so many emotions build up inside of him.

it was like she had another glow to her. it was like her features had grown more beautiful and her hair had grown longer.

he want to so badly let her live her life. he wanted to open his hand and let her go. but he couldn't.

"Ally" he whispered once again. Aleyna felt a trickling sensation on her cheek and realise that was crying. she was actually crying.

she hastily wiped it off. "Cristiano" she spoke , tightened her grip on her purse. he smiled slightly when she said his name. to him , it was like a beautiful symphony.

but to her , just saying the name was hard. it was foreign on her tongue — like she never said it before. like it was strange. she didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Aleyna noticed that his hair had grown out. she noticed his eyes were tired. like he was tired of everything. she had never seen him like this.

Cristiano was always full of life , always smiling — almost like she was. but after all of this , they both seemed to lose the spark in them.

"i missed you"

the words made Aleyna's heartrate quicken. she knew it wasn't the good type. she felt physically sick hearing it. she was feeling a lot of emotions running through her.

"you don't get to do that" she whispered. everyone in the restaurant was in their own conversations. Leo had backed away once he realised what was going on.

he still had Maia asleep on his shoulder and was sitting at a nearby table where he could make sure the woman was safe and alright.

the Portuguese's eyes softened at her words and he sighed , nodding his head. "i know" he spoke up.

"i know. but i genuinely miss you, anjo. i missed you so , so much" his voice was soft , like it was about to break any moment.

"i just want to speak with you" he begged her , looking at her with a pained expression. Aleyna almost laughed. she didn't though.

she crossed her arms , looking up at him. "when you were with Lyra. when you slept with her multiple times under my roof. when you were with her when she was pregnant. when you hurt me like that....did you also miss me?"

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