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"papi?" Maia said out loud

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"papi?" Maia said out loud. her father was still holding Aleyna to his chest , rubbing her hair softly. the girl's sniffles had died down and her tears were dried on her cheeks. she had just been sitting in Leo's embrace, calming her heart and mind down.

Maia's small and adorable voice pulled at Aleyna's heartstrings. she didn't know the baby girl was there. the voice immediately made her sit up and look around.

eventually , her eyes fell on Maia. she was sitting on the couch with a toy in her hand , her black hair in a loose bun with strands framing her sweet , round face.

Leo let his arms fall next to him as his eyes instantly went to Aleyna. he watched her carefully. he could see her eyes softening as she stared at his baby girl. he could see a faint smile playing at her lips. he could practically see how her heart was melting inside of her chest.

her fingers were playing with the carpet strings , as if she was distracting her hands from reaching out to Maia.

"papi?" Maia asked once again , looking up from her toy that she was playing with. Leo teared his eyes away from the woman still sitting next to him and placed them on his daughter.

"yes , mi amor?" he asked. Aleyna slowly turned her head towards Leo , watching as he stood up from his seat on the floor and walk over to his daughter.

he sat next to her on the couch , carressing her hair , wiping the strands from her eyes. "off" she said , lifting her arms up towards her father.

it was cold outside, so the fire that was lit in he chimney, made the entire house warm. Maia was obviously getting hot so Leo carefully took the baby pink jacket off of her , being careful not to hurt her.

Ally still sat on the carpet , watching their interaction. Maia was so beautiful. she looked just like her father. she had the exact same hair type , smile , nose — everything.

Aleyna felt her heart burst at the cuteness of the girl , a wave of sadness overflowing her in just mere seconds.

"bien?" Leo asked , putting the jacket on the couch next to her. Maia nodded her head and caressed her toy's hair, looking down at it. "yes , papi" she said in her cute voice.

Aleyna didn't notice Leo walk over to her , as her eyes was solely placed on Maia who was playing with her toys.

"hey" Leo said , making her green eyes snap towards him. he pulled her carefully by her wrists , making sure she can stand. his heart fell at the woman's tear stained face.

he was so scared when Sofi called him. he was even more scared when he saw her state. Leo felt like he needed to be with her. like he needed to make sure she was alright.

but he knew that Aleyna was never always going to be alright.

"let's go wash your face , okay?" he said softly at her , watching as the brunette nodded her head , her eyes hesitantly looking at Maia.

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