cincuenta y dos.

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the sun was almost setting , creating a beautiful glow in the backyard of their new house.

their friends were scattered around the backyard, creating conversations with one another , while the children were in their own little world.

the palm trees softly swayed in the cool breeze , creating the perfect atmosphere. just like Aleyma wanted.

she stood in her room , her hands on the windowsil as she looked out. her brown hair were in loose curls on her back and a white sundress was covering her body.

her green eyes scanned the crowds of people - people she called friends , people who considered her a friend.

she smiled at the thought.

almost a year ago , she would grimace at the thought of attending any award shows or meeting her ex husband's friends.

but now , she actually felt like she belonged. she had made friends who actually cared for her. not just for her , but for Leo , Maia , aswell as the little baby they had on the way.

there were constant nights where Aleyna would just sit on the couch downstairs, drinking hot chocolate and thinking about how fast her life had changed.

how she went from being absolutely miserable to being the luckiest woman alive.

she had a place she could call home. she had people she could call friends. she had her parents in her life once again.

she had a boyfriend who would go to extreme lengths for her and Maia. who would walk out of training if any of them needed them. who would give her a look if she so much as even try to help around with something in the house.

Leo was everything she wanted and more. she loved how his eyes crinkled when he smiled. how different shades of brown they would become. she loved how he would sit up all night, watching crappy romance movies with her.

she loved everything about him.

he had not only showed her what real love feels like , but he also gave her a family. he gave her an extra set of parents. his friends became her friends.

it's as if someone in the universe knew he was made for her , so they had to put her on the most difficult path of her life , for them to unite.

tears prickled at her eyes as her thoughts went wild. the sunrays reflected on her natural tanned skin and made her green eyes look like emerald gems.

her manicured hand went to her 7 months baby bump , her eyes still outside of the window.

the big 'gender reveal' banner hung on the wall , with the pink and blue colours mixed together.

from her room , she saw the blue and pink tags on her friends' shirts , indicating what they think the gender of the baby will be.

Aleyna was snapped out of her trance when she felt a hand on her shoulder. she slightly craned her neck to see her boyfriend standing there, with a blue tag with the word 'baby boy' written on it , stuck to his shirt.

"amor. i called you atleast three times" he spoke and he stood next to her.

she gave him an apologetic smile. "sorry, i was in my head"

he nodded his head and then extended his right hand. her green eyes fell down to the white ceramic cup in his hand. it had little strawberries on it and it was handmade.

she absolutely loved the cup.

"some tea with honey - just like you love it"

Aleyna smiled at his words and she felt her heart pounding against her chest. "you're the best" she spoke and placed a kiss on his lips.

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