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Aleyna was scrolling through an album that held her and Cris' photos

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Aleyna was scrolling through an album that held her and Cris' photos. she had made an album for them and classified it as a special one. she would always watch them when she missed him or when he was away at games.

but this time it was different.

instead of watching it with a smile , her eyes were filled with tears and her nose burned. instead of reminiscing the memories that each photo held , she tried to look for the faults in each and every one of them.

each photo they took , smiling into the camera , leaning into each other or holding each other , made her doubt. her eyes looked at every detail on the photo.

how his arm was snaked around her waist , how her head was leaned on his chest , how he was smiling as if he was the happiest man in the whole word.

Aleyna scoffed at her happy , smiling face. she had no idea that while her husband was holding her and smiling happily , that he was having an affair with her best friend and they had a seven year old son together.

Aleyna watched as her phone was taken out of her hand , the cold air replacing the empty spot her phone was in earlier.

"that's enough. stop torturing yourself , Ally" Sofi said as she switched the phone off and put it on the vanity next to her.

the Spanish girl sighed and ran her hands over her tear stained face. Sofi sighed and gave the girl a sympathetic smile before sitting next to her on the bed.

"i'm sorry" Aleyna said. the blonde woman pulled Aleyna into a hug , letting her arms rest on her shoulders. "no need to be sorry , amor. he hurt you. she did too. it's a good thing to cry,"

"but don't do this to yourself. don't look at old photos and torture yourself. you're convincing yourself you aren't good enough. don't do that , por favor?" Sofi's eyebrows were furrowed as she looked at the woman.

"but i can't help it , Sofi" Aleyna said , looking up at her friend. "everything we did together , told each other , everything was just a huge joke"

Sofi didn't know what to say , so she just let her friend vent to her. "i trusted him. i trusted her."

Aleyna just cried and Sofi pulled the girl in for a hug , placing a soft kiss on the top of her head and stroking her hair with her left hand.

"all i've ever known was him and i'm afraid i have no purpose anymore" Aleyna said through tears. that caught Sofi's attention.

"Aleyna , don't ever say that. of course you have a purpose. you weren't made for him," the blonde started , making the Spanish woman look up at her.

"you'll get better. you'll get out there and you'll meet someone else and you'll be happy , mi amor" Sofi said and Aleyna shook her head.

"that's the thing. i don't think i'll ever let someone in again. not after this , Sofi..."

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