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the house was quiet since the children were at school and Luis was at training

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the house was quiet since the children were at school and Luis was at training. Aleyna had gotten out of the shower and got dressed in some comfortable leggings and a graphic t shirt.  she was sitting on her bed , her suitcases open since she was repacking her clothes that she took out while she was staying here.

there was a soft knock on the door. "come in" Aleyna softly spoke. the door opened with a creak and Sofi poked her head through.

"hey , what're you up to?" Sofi asked as her eyes darted between Aleyna and the open suitcase that was filled with her clothes.

Aleyna smiled and put her phone on the bed next to her. "you packing?" Sofi pouted and Aleyna nodded her head. "I am"

"come sit down and we can put the last few things away together"

Aleyna pulled all her clothes that was on the floor , closer to her and took her place on the floor. she crossed her legs and wiped the strands of hairs out of her face.

Sofi was busy folding a t shirt and the Spanish girl was putting her cosmetics away , making sure they didn't break or anything.

" leaving with Leo , huh?" Sofi asked , glancing up at the girl. Aleyna slowly nodded her head. "he offered. who am I to turn such a generous offer down?"

Sofi chuckled and nodded her head. she placed the t shirt in and grabbed another one. they were now working in silence , just packing the things in the suitcase.

Sofi knew that Aleyna's mind was working overtime so she decided to make more conversation to take her mind off of whatever she was thinking about.

"i'm actually surprised he offered"

Aleyna looked up , a confused look overtaking her face. "why?" Sofi shrugged and took another piece of clothing from next to her. 

"Leo's very...closed off. always have been" Sofi explained , her eyes trained on the pair of leggings she was folding.

"yeah? why is that?" she asked , averting her eyes to her blonde friend. "he doesn't really talk about it but...he has a past and I think that's why he's built so many walls around him"

Aleyna hummed. "I could understand" she stated and Sofi glanced at her. "I don't mean to bring it up but...have you talked to Cristiano?"

his name alone made Aleyna tensed up and Sofi could see it. "sorry , shouldn't have asked. I don't want you to think about him in the first place" Sofi spoke with a chuckle.

Aleyna shook her head. "it's alright. and no , I haven't. my work called this morning. told me he had been looking for me in a crazy state"

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