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the weather was amazing and Aleyna was grateful for that. today Leo and her were going to explore the city. he's going to show her the beautiful parts and the parts where he grew up.

Aleyna was dressed in a white and pink floral dress , the flowy dress stopped mid thigh and the thin straps held the dress by her shoulders.

she paired it with some white sandals and put some lipgloss on her lips.

they had breakfast very early this morning. Celia and Lucia went all out on it. Sofi offered to take care of the kids along with Luis so that Leo and Ally could have the day for themselves.

Aleyna fluffed her hair out and decided to put on some perfume when the door opened. Leo looked as handsome as ever and Aleyna couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips once she saw him.

he was dressed in some jeans and a simple shirt , but he looked amazing as always. "hi there" he spoke and walked closer to her. Aleyna put the perfume bottle down.

"hey" she replied. Aleyna ran her hand through his hair. "you look handsome" she complimented him and he couldn't help but blush. his hands went to her waist and squeezed it gently.

"and you look beautiful, like always" he said. she smiled and her dimples appeared. Aleyna lifted her head up and the two kissed for the thousandth time that day.

they pulled away and Aleyna giggled at the slightly red tinted gloss on his lips. she wiped it away with the pads of her thumbs.

"are you ready?" he asked her as he looked around the neat room. she hummed and nodded her head. she took her purse and rummaged through it to make sure everything was in there.

"then we should go. i want to take you around" he said , the excitement visible in his voice. she put her purse over her shoulder and took his hand. "then we better go"

the two exited their room and walked downstairs where everyone was — well , most of them. Miguel was playing with a toy as he was comfortably in Sofi's lap.

"are you two on your way?" Jorge asked and Leo nodded his head. "we are. Franco's waiting for us" he said , referring to his bodyguard who had traveled all the way from Barcelona to Argentina for Leo.

"have fun!" Sofi said and Aleyna let out a little laugh before Leo and her made their way to the front door. Franco was outside in the car and greeted them.

Leo opened the door for his girlfriend and she got in , watching as he entered the car after her and shut the door.

the car began to move so Aleyna looked at Leo. "where are we going first?" she asked curiously. her hand fell on his that was on her thigh and she slightly caressed it.

"well , since we had breakfast a while ago , i thought we could go grab some lunch and then have some ice cream at this place i know" he suggested.

"that sounds great. i am kind of hungry" she said. "then that's where we'll go" he started.

the two held a conversation while they drove to the destination that Leo gave Franco.

"do you think we should've taken them with?" Aleyna asked worriedly. she missed her children. Leo smiled. "you're worried for nothing , mi amor. they'll be there when you get back" Leo spoke.

Ally sighed. "i know. i just can't be away from them for more than a couple of hours"

"so i've noticed" he teased her.

after a couple more conversations , they arrived at their destination. Aleyna peeked out of the window but Leo was fast and opened the door for her.

he held his hand out and she put it in his , holding her bag close to her with her other hand.

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