cincuenta y cinco.

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there was a soft breeze flowing around. the sky was clear and decorated with the beautiful stars.

Leo's eyes went over his girlfriend's body. she was dressed in a dark blue dress , her brown hair in a neat low bun.

the gold jewelry she had on her wrist , fingers and neck was complimenting her dress beautifully.

she was conversing with Sofi as they talked about the most interesting thing ever.

Leo brought his glass of whiskey up to his mouth as his eyes were planted on her.

the moonlight made her olive skin stand out and her smile more vibrant.

he examined her body , his brown eyes going up and down at her. she had gotten even more beautiful after she gave birth.

it was like some sort of glow it gave off.

Leo felt a bump on his right shoulder. "do we have to keep Maia and Miguel for the night?" Luis joked, a teasing smile on his lips.

Leo rolled his eyes and playfully punched his best friend on his upper arm.

he took another sip of his drink and averted his eyes to his son , who was in the arms of Rosabel and playing with the ends of her hair.

Aleyna turned around , her green eyes scanning around and her eyebrows furrowed.

until they settled on Leo and all that concern washed away from her face. Leo noticed and smiled , putting his glass of whiskey down.

"Luis" they heard the voice of Sofi. Luis turned to his wife and watched as she called him over.

in the meantime , Aleyna walked over to her boyfriend. Leo's eyes followed her body. he didn't even hide the fact that he was checking her out.

"there you are" he heard her soft voice and her arms slid around his neck. almost immediately, like a magnet , his went around her waist.

"i missed you" he spoke and lowered his head into the crook of her neck. he inhaled her perfume and sighed out loud.

his one hand was on her waist and his other hand moved up , laying on her upper back.

Aleyna chuckled as she felt the butterflies swarm around in her stomach. she felt his short beard tickling her and the heat radiating off of his body.

she only held him closer to her.

"we're literally only five feet from each other" she chuckled. her laugh was like music to his ears.

the Argentine snuggled his head further into the crook of her neck. "no , i mean , i missed you"

Aleyna hummed in realization. her fingers scratched at the back of his head. "if you don't recall , i gave birth a week ago" she reminded him.

he hummed into her neck. "i know. i can wait"

he planted a kiss on the side of her neck , making goosebumps rise on her skin.

"have i told you how much i love you?" he voiced , making her smile so hard that her dimples popped out.

"you definitely did but i won't mind if you tell me again" she teased.

he lifted his head. "well , i love you" he spoke and pecked her lips.

"i met this girl that was so broken that it physically hurt my chest everytime i saw her upset." he started.

"she only deserved the best" he continued.

"then , even though she was my rival's ex wife, i fell madly and deeply in love with her. she was so gorgeous , it made my head spin" he spoke.

Aleyna smiled as her heart warmed. "Maia loved her and then she gave me a little boy. she made us complete"

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