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the rain was pouring in Madrid

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the rain was pouring in Madrid. the sky that was usually clear , was now replaced with heavy clouds and hard raindrops that fell on the roof.

Aleyna was sitting infront of the fireplace in the living room , her eyes focused on the television that was on the wall. she was feeling quite lonely without Cristiano here.

it was getting darker by the minute and the darker it got , the more Aleyna missed her husband. she really wished he would've stayed home with her and they could drank hot chocolate and watch random movies.

but he had won his game today and wanted to go put with his teammates to celebrate at a restaurant. there would only be guys so Aleyna didn't see the need to go with or worm herself in.

she wanted him to enjoy the night.

but still , she couldn't help but want him there , next to her. all she wanted was to cuddle with him or just lay next to him.

Cristiano had promised her he'd be home before it rained but looked like that was out of the question since it was already pouring.

Aleyna had her cup of tea in her hands and a grey blanket thrown over her. her brown hair that was usually loose , was in a high bun on her head and her face was free from all of the make up products.

she just wanted to relax today.

she was about to watch another movie when her phone rang. Aleyna frowned , leaning forward and put the half empty cup of vanilla tea on the glass coffee table.

she looked to the right side of the couch where her phone was ringing. it was Cristiano. she answered the phone, bringing the device up to her ear.

"hey?" she said , a frown still evident on her forehead. "hello , is this a friend of Cristiano's?" the unfamiliar voice asked.

upon hearing her husband's name , she pecked up. "y-yes , yes this is. is something wrong?" she asked , genuinely confused.

"uh , you were the only one on speed dial on his phone. so I figured I could call you..." the man trailed off.

loud music was playing in the background and a lot of voices were heard , so Aleyna assumed they were at a club.

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