treinta y seis.

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Ally was standing on the opposite side of the counter as she laughed about something that Sofi said about Lyra. the two had fallen into a quick conversation and Sofi ws basically filling her in on all the things happening over there.

"she's clinging onto him like a leech" Sofi shook her head and popped a grape into her mouth. Aleyna shrugged. "honestly, she's just there for the money" Sofi hummed and nodded her head.

the men were outside , playing football with the two boys while Delfi took photos and videos of them.

the sun was slowly setting and Aleyna grew hungry. "Leo!" she called and in an instant , he walked into the kitchen. he was heaving for air and sweat was dripping off of his body.

"you okay?" he asked as he licked his lips. Aleyna hummed. "should we barbecue today? i don't feel like making food" she spoke truthfully.

Leo nodded his head and hummed. he walked around the counter towards the fridge and put his hands on her waist. "sure. me and Luis will handle it , don't worry" he said and opened the fridge.

he took out two redbulls and placed a chaste kiss on her temple before jogging back outside. a coat of blush covered Aleyna's face.

Sofi smiled fondly at her  "you two look really inlove." she said with a sly smile. Aleyna smiled and nodded her head , picking off a purple grap3 and twirling it around in her fingers. she slowly nodded her head.

"we are" she admitted. Sofi's eyes softened and a genuine smile played on her lips.

"i'm so happy for you two" the blonde spoke. "i've seen you go from doubting yourself and comparing yourself to Lyra everyday in the mirror , to this beautiful woman who knows her worth — i'm so happy"

Sofi jumped off the stool and went over to her friend , wrapping her arms around her. Aleyna didn't hesitate to swing her arms around Sofi's waist.

"you didn't deserve what they did to you or what happened to you in that accident. i'm glad Leo's here for you. i'm happy for both of you" Sofi placed a kiss on the top of Aleyna's brown hair.

"i remember crying that night when Leo told us about you being in the hospital — and now i'm crying again , only this time , they're happy tears" Sofi said and pulled away from the hug.

tears were brimming in Ally's green eyes. "i love you , Ally" she said and the Spanish woman smiled. "i love you too , blondie"

Sofi engulfed the girl in a hug once again. they just sat there , in each other's embrace. Aleyna hadn't felt a sisterly love in so long. Lyra was the only one who had given it to her , but Sofi's hugs and love felt so different from Lyra's — a good different.

"woah , you two okay?" they heard Luis' deep voice and pulled away from the hug. Ally caught Leo's worried gaze as he looked between her and Sofi.

the blonde wiped her tears away. "yeah , just...sentimental stuff" she said and Ally chuckled and nodded her head aswell. "girl stuff"

Luis dramatically rolled his eyes. "boring" he said and Sofi threw him with a grape. he ducked , seeing it fall on the floor and childishly stuck his tongue out at her , earning the middle finger in return.

Leo shook his head. "you two are like literal kids" he said and Sofi frowned. "he started it" she mumbled.

Leo shook his head and went over to Ally. Sofi and Luis were getting some of the meats out of the fridge , both of them arguing about what to take.

Leo stood inbetween Aleyna's legs and her hands fell to his lower waist, where his shorts hung. his hands cupped her face and his thumbs wiped away the remaining tears under her green eyes.

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