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it was a beautiful day in Barcelona

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it was a beautiful day in Barcelona. the sky that was usually filled with dark and heavy clouds, were now gone. the sky was clear and there was a warm breeze flowing around.

it definitely got Aleyna in a better mood than most days.

her straight hair was now in beach waves and she had on a white vest , with a denim overall on. there was proof on her overall that she was painting. blue and white paint was slightly smeared across it.

she didn't know what she had been painting. she just took the canvas and the paint and started painting. it was always a coping mechanism for her.

ever since she was little , she used a little canvas that she got from the nice old lady down the street — Matilde and some used paint. whenever her parents would have an argument , Ally would take her stuff and go sit in the backyard , with the chickens.

she would prop her canvas onto the wall and started painting useless things. it instantly took her mind off of things.

that was what she was doing now. she painted the background light blue and painted soft clouds over it. it made her feel calm. it kept her in the present.

a soft song was playing on the record player in the living room , where she sat. the calm atmosphere made her smile and just enjoy the lyrics of the song.

Aleyna started drawing a dandelion. she always thought it was a cute flower. her grandmother — Louisa — had a garden in Mallorca where she stayed.

Aleyna always got a bag full of them everytime she went to visit. her grandmother loved dandelions.

Aleyna dipped the other brush in another color and began tracing iver the drawing, making sure the paint didn't go over any lines. the brushing of the paint over the canvas , was satisfying to her. her eyes trailed over every detail of the dandelion. she had to make sure it was perfect.

Aleyna dipped the brush in paint again and while doing so , her eyes fell on the couch that was in the corner. there , a very familiar jacket laid.

it was Leo's.

she definitely missed the father-daughter duo. they really made her stay in Barcelona bearable. she felt at home with them. her heart would bloom everytime Maia would sing softly to a Disney song or if Leo would tickle her and her giggles would erupt from her lips.

the doorbell rang and the Spanish woman frowned. she carefully put the paint brush on the coffee table , making sure not to ruin anything with paint.

she stood up from her seat on the cushion that was placed on the carpet and dragged her hands on her denim overall. she looked behind her to make sure the wet painting was still in its place before walking over to the front door.

Ally looked through the keyhole , a huge smile on her lips once she saw her favourite duo standing there. it had only been a day since she saw them , but she had already missed them.

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