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she finally clicked the button. Aleyna didn't know how to react. she didn't know how to feel. she felt torn , many emotions were currently flowing through her.

the photo that was in her purple wallet was now torn in two and burning in the fire in the fireplace. Aleyna had thrown every single photo of her and Cristiano — aswell as her and Lyra — into the fire , watching it melt away in between the flames.

she took a huge breath as she put her phone down after deleting their photos. all their memories , were washed away. it didn't exist anymore.

those memories and promises weren't real anyway.

it was cloudy outside and it was obvious that rain was going to pour in the city.

Aleyna was sitting on the carpet, her back against the long white couch as she stared into the fire. the television was on , softly playing some show that the Spanish girl didn't even bother paying attention to.

her brown curls weren't curls anymore. it had split ends and it wasn't taken care off. the light of the fire was on her face, showing the girl's tear stained face.

her eyes were red as she stared into the flames that were dancing freely in the fireplace. she had her knees up to her chest as her arms were wrapped around them , making her comfortable.

Aleyna was completely devastated. she didn't know what to do she didn't know where to go from here.

her phone buzzed on the coffee table , making the sound blare across the room. Aleyna snapped out of her trance and blinked twice.

her hand stretched out and took her phone , holding it close to her. she saw that it was Sofi , trying to call. she clicked the accept button and held the phone to her ear.

"hello?" she cleared her throat , not wanting Sofi to hear she had been crying and then get worried over nothing.

soon enough , the blonde's happy voice was heard over the phone. "Ally , darling. hi , I miss you" Sofi spoke and Aleyna smiled at the sound of her familiar voice. 

"hi Sofi , I miss you as well. I wish you were here" Aleyna truthfully spoke. she could do with some company right now.

"I promise , we'll come visit soon." the woman promised. "so , tell me , what's been happening over there?" Sofi asked , seeing as they hadn't talked at all much.

Aleyna smiled as she thought about her friendship with Leo. she told the blonde all about it. how he recommended a therapist , how he offered her lunch, how he saved her from almost drowning.

"holy shit , Ally. drowned? are you serious?" Sofi asked , her voice turning into worry. Aleyna shook her head but soon remembered that Sofi couldn't see her.

"trust me , Sofi. I'm fine." Ally reassured the blonde. Sofi hummed , not believing the girl but she let it go anyway.

"so , Leo huh?" she asked after a couple of seconds. unbeknownst to her , Aleyna smiled. "yeah , I'm so grateful for him. he's been such a great friend"

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