cincuenta y ocho.

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Luis and Sofi flew out yesterday and were staying at their house in Barcelona. yesterday , the team celebrated on winning the Laliga and it was an amazing experience for Aleyna , aswell as for Miguel and Maia.

it made Ally happy to see Leo happy. she knew how important football was to him and that winning the league was the cherry on top.

they had taken a lot of photos with the group, aswell as separately and had been attached to the hip all night.

Leo didn't want her out of his sight.

this was the last night they were going to be in Barcelona before going to Argentina for the break.

the team decided to have a dinner and invited everyone to come.

Leo walked into the bedroom and his eyes widened a fraction at his girlfriend, who looked absolutely stunning in her red dress.

"hello there" Aleyna said as she ran her hand through her soft curls. Leo placed his hands on her hips and pressed his lips to her neck. "hi" he replied.

Aleyna felt the butterflies swarming around in her tummy as she felt the contact between them. "you look gorgeous"

she blushed in response and turned around. his hands fell to her lower waist. "you look handsome , amor" she leaned down and pecked his lips.

he raised a brow. "that's it? i have to live off of a simple peck?" she chuckled and pressed her lips to his , getting lost in the kiss.

Leo was savoring as much of the kiss as possible , knowing that she'd be too shy to kiss him infront of all his friends and teammates.

they pulled away from the kiss. "that good?" Ally asked. she placed her thumb under his lip and wiped the red lipstick away from his skin.

"amazing" he spoke.

Aleyna was smiling at him in a dazed manner before her phone pinged. she turned around and reached for it , seeing that it was a message from Pablo's sister , Aurora.

Aurora was in town since yesterday and volunteered to take care of Maia and Miguel since she loved children.

"Aurora's outisde. let's go" Aleyna spoke and took her purse from the vanity.

the two exited their bedroom and walked downstairs where Maia and Miguel was. the little boy was laying on his back , playing with his toy while Maia was sitting next to him , colouring in.

there was a knock on the door and Ally knew it was Aurora.

"hello , come on in" Aleyna said and guided Aurora through the house. "thank you once again for offering to babysit them" Aleyna thanked Aurora.

"no problem. i love taking care of them" Aurora said with a smile. once Maia saw Aurora , she jumped up.

"i missed you , pretty girl" Aurora said as she hugged Maia close to her. she carefully put Maia on the ground and moved on to Miguel.

"hey there , little Messi" she said and caressed his cheeks, causing him to giggle in response.

"there's everything you need in the kitchen and their room is just upstairs. please call us if anything happens" Leo spoke reassuringly.

"i will , don't worry" Aurora said. "Pablo will be so jealous that i'm here and he's not" she joked and the adults laughed.

"Maia , mami and papi will be gone for an hour , okay? you need to be sweet for Aurora , can you do that?" Aleyna asked her duaghter.

Maia smiled and nodded her head. "can i get a cupcake?" she asked. "of course" Leo said with a smile and pecked Maia's cheek.

"we'll be off , now" Leo spoke and put his hand on Aleyna's lower back. "okay , see you later" Aurora spoke and Maia waved at her parents and watched as they exited the house.

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