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Aleyna woke up in an unfamiliar room

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Aleyna woke up in an unfamiliar room. the covers were heaven and it made her want to sink in it and sleep there forever.

it took a little while for her to get her mind together and realise that she was in Leo's house. her green eyes opened more and she rubbed the proof of sleep from it , sitting up against the headboard.

the room was all white , with a television in the corner and a big window. the curtains were see through and the sun rays seeped through and warmed the entire bedroom.

she squinted at the wall and looked at the clock that was hanging from it on the opposite side of her.

8:15 am.

she mentally groaned. why was she awake on a Saturday at 8 am?

she knew she wouldn't be able to fall back asleep, so she threw the covers off of her and let her bare feet touch the cold tiles. it made her shiver. she ran to the en suite bathroom and started to look at her reflection.

her eyes were sleepy and her hair was in a messy ponytail on her head. her eyes fell to the soft blue and white t shirt that she had on and her cheeks flushed.

she shook her head and opened the tap , splashing her face with the cold water. the water immediately cooled down the redness from her cheeks.

after she had done all she needed , like brushing her teeth with the spare toothbrush she found laying in the cabinet , and brushing her hair into a more neatly ponytail , Aleyna walked downstairs, where Leo and Maia was already up and going.

Leo was behind the stove , making food with his t shirt that was no where to be found. "Ally!" Maia said with a surprised smile smile ran over to the woman.

Leo turned around , his heart thumping against his ribcage as he saw her standing there , with nothing but his Argentina shirt on.

she looked beautiful.

Aleyna smiled widely , showing her white teeth and bend down. she picked Maia up and the girl immediately hugged Aleyna's neck.

she kissed Maia's cheek and walked over to where Leo is. he turned around and wiped his hands with a cloth that was laying on the counter.

"buenos dias" he voiced up. Aleyna took notice of how raspy his voice was. she cleared her throat and gently put Maia down , on the stool next to her.

she took a seat on the stool next to the little girl. "buenos dias" she said with a smile. Leo turned around and made Aleyna a cup of coffee.

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