book two release date ♡

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I'm very nervous and proud to announce
the sequel to rent-a-boyfriend;


if everything goes as planned
the book will be published on

february fourteenth;
aka valentines day. ♡

this publication date was chosen for no other reason except that I have no love life and would like to fill the void in my life by writing fictional romance on this day...ha, I'm kidding, sorta.

but seriously I thought it would be a good idea to post it on valentines day for those of us who don't have a date so we can all just indulge in imaginary romance ha.

also please bear with me, as I stated before a lot of things will be different in the second book, the plotline is very delicate and I have to be very careful when I write.

again the second book is a bit more mature as it has a more sensual vibes, teasing characters and higher tension though nothing explicit.
(and if this ever changes I will put warnings♡)

likewise sequels are usually never as good as the original so I wanted to work really hard to make the second book good in it's own way.

also I am also going to be starting my precollege classes february thirteenth.
which means that I don't know how frequent my updates will be. I don't know if I'll be too tired to update on weekdays or if I only update once a week—I just don't know yet.

but either way I'm so thankful for the positive feedback this story has gotten, I hope some of you find interest in the second book and just thank you for sticking around and being patient with me while I worked on the plot
for the last two or three months.

I love you all so much


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