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kim seokjin is the glue that keeps this operation together. it was his idea to do something no one in the company has ever done before.

to give a single client multiple lovers to carry her broken heart so it wouldn't fall apart.
but if he left...would there still be unity?

seokjin stood in the doorway with the other men, a scarf wrapped around his neck. it was too early for activity but you found yourself hiding on the top steps and listening to them.

"yoongi please be aware of rita and her feelings...you tend to be quite oblivious once you get into your own world, jungkook has covered for you multiple times on things you lack noticing."

yoongi was busy biting on his thumb but he glances up in acknowledgement.

"and try not to push her too much tae, when she's ready you will have your time but you have to remember that she's still healing.."

he paused, turning to jimin."will you be alright while I'm gone?"

jimin looked better than he had at the dinner party several days ago, no one could've guessed he'd have such an awful reaction to the situation .

still jimin caught himself looking up to the steps and you quickly duck down.
"yeah, I'll be okay."

"good. and jungkook please try to be somewhat agreeable while I'm away, not everyone can see past your cold stature."

the younger male nodded stiffly, rubbing along his eyebrow in a tired gesture.

"I'll be back in a week at the latest," he then stepped outside and was gone from their sight.

seokjin walked to a black van, getting ready to step inside when he hears the crinkling of leaves.

"what type of man runs off without telling his girlfriend goodbye?"

"oh rita," the flaps of seokjin's collar catches the crisp warm air—not hot enough to be the brisk of summer neither doesn't it give a well earned shiver like winter, it was autumn.

he turns to see you standing out in the warm chill of falling leaves. arms placed behind your back as you watched him.

he was cute. tilting your head you could feel your cheeks swell from the thoughts roaming through your mind.

autumn suited seokjin well. with the warm bronze orange undertones of his skin to the swaying of his amber wood hair, it's dancing in the wind reminding you of the trees as they leaned back and forth together.

he was tall like a tree none the less. he was definitely an autumn boy.

"I've been asked to attend a presentation in beijing."

"oh? is that so?" you step out, long pajama pants and worn t-shirt from your youth hanging from your frame. you were exposing yourself and could feel the soft blow of the wind on your arms—tickling the flesh.

seokjin cocks his head, his lips forming a crooked smile when you stop in front of him. the contrast clear.

he looked like a well respected business man going to settle another deal while you looked like you would rather cuddle on the couch.

"If you're worried, don't be. the others will care for you well."

"and who will care for you?" it was your turn to let your lips twitch with a domesticated dominance, watching as his eyes widen only for a brief moment.

"I know they'll take care of me, I'm more concerned about you being somewhere else where I can't be reassured that someone will care for you."

he poked his tongue against his cheek and looked to you, shaking his head and turning his face away to conceal his broad smile.

"nothing keeps you down does it rita? always concerned with everyone's business but your own."

there's a pause as his eyes fall on your attire and he raises an eyebrow at your house shoes.

chuckling, he bends down and rests one hand on your spine, the other under your knees as he picks you up and walks you back to the front porch where your shoes would have a better chance of staying clean.

"try not to shed too many tears for me while I'm gone, save some for my return so I can wipe them away."

you cross your arms over your chest before nodding. stepping forward eventually and adjusting his collar."take care of yourself."

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