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you know with so much adventure going on in your life...exactly how much time do you spend going to work and...yknow, doing your job?

after your almost attempted murder several nights ago, and having the new task of rewelcoming the boy's into your life, you were glad to just sit behind a desk and breath for once.

"come in," your fingers move on the keyboard, the usually distracting click click now drowned out by your focus on the words you were typing up for a new client report sheet.


"since when did you start being formal with me?" you mumble absentmindedly, squinting as you focused on the glowing screen, doing your best not to forget all the words you needed to type up, unconsciously your mouth moves with each word you type.

"well anytime is a good time to start when addressing a natural business woman like yourself."

you paused mid-sentence, fingers hovering over the keyboard, shifting your eyes towards chanyeol who made himself comfortable, resting back into your client chair.

his knee crossed over his leg in a wide spread angle. clasping his hands together, he takes a moment to glance around your office, a hard to pin expression on his face.

but gangnam dwellers were always like that, hard to understand.

"you know they should really expand your office, maybe give you a pretty little view of the flower shop down the street—you still like those right? you liked to imagine dramas happening there didn't you?"

he nods more to himself than to you, but you didn't bother saying anything–after all chanyeol only listens to himself anyway.

"you were always into your fairytales," he rocks his leg, closing his eyes and listening to your slow dance with the keys, trying to type but also now tentive to him.

"you said that I was the classic cold hearted ceo," his lips twitch at the old black and white film playing in his head. you and he were both just a little younger, just a little more in love, just a little more stubborn.

he remembers you laughing at him and his attire, you always picked on him for his ties, told him that he looked less huggable.

he didn't know if you noticed, but he doesn't wear ties now, not when you're around, not when he has those films playing in his mind, not when his gullible heart tells him that he still has a chance to feel you.

his eyes soften and he brushes his fingers across his exposed neck, no tie. "did you know that sixty two percent of those characters were second male leads?"

the crease of his lips turn down. he was your first heartbreak, your first agony, your first internal wound.

he hadn't expected a two edged sword when he stabbed you. he thought he'd never recover from the deep plunge in his chest.

it was so bad that he thought he was dying on multiple occasions, spending his money on doctors and medicine for any heart related illness. he had such a tender heart under his large trench coat.

you huff, turning in your chair to give the man your full attention, clasping your hands together on your desk."what are you getting at chanyeol?"

"I guess I'm saying that it was never meant to work out between us," his eyes crinkle with his forced smile.

he was positive you and namjoon were forever, he seen the love in your eyes...he wondered why he didn't appreciate it more when you both were together, when he was so fixed on making you perfect and gifting you cosmetics, he wondered why he didn't take time to enjoy the rarity in your smile and kindness.

those he knew in gangnam weren't so kind, rather they stunk of the same expensive cologne brands and cheap talk of wine.

"do you still do that thing where you try to find constellations in the ceiling? I always thought you were a weirdo for that."

when namjoon hurt you, he knew he had to see you again, to make sure you were alright, to ensure that your eyes were still wide and your smile still bright.

but he didn't know how to tell you this. when he showed up at your office that day when you had your back turned to him–practicing for your meeting with the "big ceo", he didn't know how to act..how to say he's missed you and wanted to hold you and love you and tell you it was all going to be alright when he didn't even know how to humble himself and tell you just how sorry he was.

so he offered you another gift.

he thought he was doing you a favor. you were always talking about the women in gangnam when you both were an item, and how you stuck out like a sore thumb. he wanted you to feel beautiful and confident in yourself, he wanted you to be as beautiful on the outside as you were inside.

you were always complaining that the girls poked fun of your nose, so he offered to buy your plastic surgery so you'd never feel insecure about it again.

he didn't know that's what would've made you both seperate. he didn't realize that you didn't want a magic solution for your nose, he didn't understand that you just wanted him to love you for your imperfections to counteract their hate.

"you've definitely become a stronger woman since we were together..but enough personal talk," he slides a document across the table and points to it with a single finger as a gesture for you to open it.

crinkling the paper, your fingers trace the thick black lines against the white paper, mumbling every few words to yourself.

"expanding romantique?" you lift your eyes, a look between confusion and disbelieve playing across them.

"they loved the presentation. I'm talking, expansions, new employees, branches, locations, investors, more men, more romance and more happiness–isn't that what you're all about rita? happy endings?"

he sits up, leaning against the opposite side of your desk, you could smell his sweet cologne and he could clearly see the specks in your eyes.

"they want you and gyuni to come in and head the meetings to this new project since you both gave the presentation..which means that you'll be traveling quite a bit."

chanyeol lived for those moments when your eyes widened, it made him feel special, like he's shown you a new world.

the people he knew were so difficult to impress, so dull minded—but never you, you always found joy in the little things.

"which means that you'll need someone to guide you two around all these big ceo people."

he learned from namjoon's mistakes. the worse thing he could do was not take responsibility for the past that the two of you shared.

"If you'd be willing to forget our bad history, if you'd be willing to forgive me...I'd like to play a more supportive role in your drama, perhaps be the good natured second male lead this time?"

you didn't expect that, to hear him sound so genuine, to hear him say that he wants to support you instead of change you. it made your face warm and your cheeks swell with a smile.

"ofcourse, after all who says you can't be friends with your ex?" you chuckle, and a smile graces chanyeol's lips, his heart thumping softly beneath his trench pocket.


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