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"my what now?" you stopped mid-dip of your cookie in the milk, the baked good soaking up the liquid.

"you heard me, your lov–"

"don't finish that sentence." you glared at gyuni, only breaking your gaze when the cookie falls apart and splashes on you.

seokjin offered you a napkin and you took it with a stubbornness in your movements
you wiped your face and huffed, mumbling under your breath.

"why would you do this to me?" you're saying I can't be happy without a guy so you decided to get me five—"



"counting seokjin." gyuni coughs. "and why are you attacking me? he came up with the idea."

"but you let him go through with it. you're supposed to know what's best for me not him, what were you even thinking?"

you couldn't even process what emotion you were feeling or how you wanted to react. you just sat there, staring until eventually you found it.

"no. I don't care what intentions you had or if you thought it was for my own good, no."

you pushed back your chair and stood, turning to walk away from the table.

"why are you fighting me?" you could hear gyuni following behind, you stopped, fuming.

"because you think I'm so pathetic that I need you to baby me and pick out my boyfriends."

"well we've see just how well your last two choices went."  she shot back instinctively.

you didn't say anything, you were getting that feeling in your heart and your chest...that one you get when you're so upset it hurts.

you tried to shake it off, trying to keep it together atleast long enough to throw a comeback at her.

but it was too little too late when gyuni realized her mistake."rita I-I didn't mean..."

you ran out the door, bumping into namjoon who was making his way in.

you kept running, eyes blurry and tears falling but the wind wiped them away before they hit the ground.

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