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at any other company you would've already been let go. after that night your attitude changed drastically and so did those around you.

before you used to be everyone's favorite person to talk to and it wasn't uncommon to find a crowd of people in your office laughing and chatting it up about after work plans.

but now everyone avoided your office except for the occasional peak in to ask if you were okay.

they knew how hard this was for you, to work at a place that promotes blossoming love and then for your flower to have died.

they told you that you could be absent for a while if you needed it, that it would be a paid leave.

but you refused. you wouldn't go back into that house. you didn't want to deal with him or look at it.

actually you didn't even know what you'd do if you seen him. would you go into a angry fit? throw his clothes out the window? cry? beg for him back?

you didn't know but you didn't intend to find out. you just wanted to filled the divorce papers you didn't really have.

"are you sure you don't want to go home?" gyuni slipped into your office, she was cautious around you, she didn't know if you'd be angry with her; but you both were friends before the accident. she wanted things to stay that way.

and would she stop ducking around like that? it's getting annoying.

"I'm not going to kill you...." your jaw tight as you printed off another client request. reading over and marking the details with a bored expression.

that's all it took to encourage gyuni to walk around your desk and touch your fingers, a silent request for you to stop moving."I just thought I could come and check on you...you really need a break."

"no what I need is a full schedule, I don't need to have empty time to think about it." you blew out the air in your cheeks, but slowly closed your eyes when she brushed your hair back.

"rita." she squeezed your fingers. "you've been doing so well but I think being here will make it worse..if you won't go home then maybe you can stay with me for a while."

you looked at her questionably.
but only received a half witted smile."really?"

"yeah, I could use the extra company." she shrugged. "gets boring by myself."

leaning up, you both squeezed each other and she rubbed your back, letting you rest your chin on her shoulder.

you found yourself comfortable in her arms. she was always warm. you liked that.

you weren't angry with her. you could never be angry with her. you loved her. she was your best friend.

and as you hugged her, you felt another warmth; a shadow in the doorway of your office, and before you could look up it had moved away.

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