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at first you were nervous. hoseok's unexpected victory meant that he'd get the chance to impress you, but he said he couldn't do so until it was darker.

but you didn't know what that meant, or if you wanted to find out.

"aye and that's a long ass ride." you sing out in the open air, grabbed the brown paper sack from the drive thru and peaking inside, the aroma of a classic burger and fries making your mouth water.

so you learned that hoseok was a pretty smooth guy, his night jams reminded you of those jazz singers who were called cat daddy.

"lets go daddio." you hummed with a laugh as he paid and started to drive off.

"whatever you say little mama."

you sped by the illuminated night lights, dazzled by seoul's beauty even though you weren't foreign to it.

hoseok decided to impress you with a late night drive, night air blowing and greasy fast food, the perfect combination for a joyride.

"why don't I take you to a drive-in movie,hm?"

he suggests and you nod, already popping fries into your mouth. "try dipping your fries in the milkshake," he tells you.

you gag immediately. "no way," you laugh as you take a fry and dip it in the cream, stretching your hand out to hoseok so he could bite it—

which he gladly did."I'm telling you you're missing out."

"okay would you dip your pizza in a milkshake?" you challenge only to watch his lips curl.  "I'd try anything once."

scrunching up your nose, you leaned back in your your seat, enjoying the fresh air up until you felt a light shining and you peak an eye open.

you were parked at the drive-in movie.

"I remember I used to love coming to these with my friends, my favorite part was trying to hide in the backseat because it was cheaper to get someone in who was single."

"single? I always thought they were free after eight."

he put his fingers to his lips, shushing you.
"yeah but yoongi doesn't know that." he snickers.

"you both knew each other that long ago?"

he nods nonchalantly, sipping his milkshake.

"we adopted each other years ago— he can tell you that my favorite era was back when they had the jukebox and the coca-cola bottles with the bottle tops, the vintage cars and those dance offs."

hoseok's laugh shoots an arrow in your heart, a contagious thing that made you smile just as brightly.

"I remember one day I just I started telling yoongi that he had to hide in the trunk when we went to watch a movie..he's a small guy so it didn't bother him but it made me laugh—I never did tell him the truth."

you cover your mouth, trying not to laugh, you didn't want to choke on the food you were eating but the image of yoongi being so gullible to his friend was pushing you.

when you finally calmed down you turned back to hoseok." so why do you like that time so much?"

he paused a moment, taking a bite of his burger, making sure to grab a napkin for the greasy bottom.

"everything was more intimate I guess—you had a few phone numbers written on a crinkled piece of paper and you'd select your favorite and call them on your less than smart- smart phone and go hang out at a five dollar buffet. it was when handwritten cards were everything. I love a card with spelling mistakes and hand drawn smiley faces and inside jokes no one else will know but you."

he closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath, and you found yourself holding your own.

"teens didn't go to the club, the went to big mama's diner and tries to see how many curly fries they could shove in their mouths y'know?"

when he reopened his eyes, he cocked his head to you and you felt his energy spiking the more he spoke.

"you could hang out at the park and just do nothing or be a stowaway by taking a late night drive in your dad's car. I feel like when you do things like that with people they'll be in your lives longer..I mean how could I not be friends with the guy that I shoved into a trunk every friday night?"

you hadn't realized it but the opening credits for the movie had started, but your mind was still wrapping around what the man next to you had said. you liked knowing that little piece of hoseok, made him seem even better than before.

"you look calmer than this morning, do you feel better?" he asks, and you nodding softly.

"much better."

by the end of the night you were leaning over the side of your seat, head on hoseok's shoulder, feeling brighter than you had in weeks.

by the end of the night you were leaning over the side of your seat, head on hoseok's shoulder, feeling brighter than you had in weeks

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