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"you know the cake doesn't take long to cook..."

as much as you'd like to spend a day with taehyung, you also liked not burning desserts or leaving jungkook unattended when he's obviously heated.

"kookie will take care of it. and besides don't you think we should let him blow off some steam before he tries to...y'know off with me?"

taehyung had dragged you off to who knows where...hopping on a trolley and gesturing for you to follow him on board.

"anyway it's been such a long time since you've been on a proper outing that I think we both could us the change in scenery before we go loco like someone I know."

he twirls a finger and crosses his eyes with a shake of his shoulders, obviously mocking jungkook.

"you'd better stop. he pinned you down pretty quickly you know."

"ah but I let him pin me, I wanted to get some attention..besides I don't mind being on the bottom." he winks and you instinctively shove him.

"come on, lighten up. you can laugh a little, you don't have to be so modest with me," he stretches his arms up and behind the nap of his neck, as he steps off the trolley, walking with a tall stride.

you arched an eyebrow, shaking your head at him."I'm not used to doing...that," you drift as you watch taehyung trying to touch his nose with his tongue.

"that's because you hang out with old people too much. jin and the others probably got in your head, ish I knew I shouldn't have let them spend so much time with you."

he pouts, his husky voice making his sigh sound more like a groan of sorts. "girlfriend."

he drops his gaze to you and stops midstep, the arch of his foot still up."you're my girlfriend today—we won't talk about the others anymore."

his tone had a hint of agitation with his own mention of them, but before you could question him on it he took your hand and intwined his fingers with yours; carefully putting your hand in his pocket—forcing you to stand close to him as he takes you out into the busy streets.

walking out into the streets taehyung must've had perfect timing because the streets were filling up with couples left and right as if there were some event for them that you knew nothing about.

taehyung seemed to be in just as much surprise as you were. his eyes widening as he looked around at the experienced and novelty of pairs walking together.

some were school boys and their classmates that they uttered up the courage to ask out while others seemed to have been doing this for years.

one thing that most of them had in common was an umbrella—and taehyung seemed to realize this.

"I'll be right back, stay here." he smiled and disappeared into the masses.

you took this time to look around smiling with some tinge of bitterness towards romantic aroma in the air.

"namjoon used to take me out when we were together..."  immediately you regret speaking those words when the memories of your last encounter ran through your mind like a nightmare.

shaking your head, you suck in a deep breath just as you feel a cool darkness over your head.

raising your head, your lips pull up to see taehyung holding up an umbrella for you both.

it was already the late evening when you both went out and now the more adult attractions were being put out for display. couples dining, couples discounts, any and everything was out there.

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