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finished with work you unfortunately never seen gyuni, but you didn't have much time to think of her as your two "boyfriends" were getting ready to take you home. with the car keys in hand you went to the car a little early, the smell of oncoming rain refreshing.

"I didn't know you were out already," jimin apologizes as he steps inside, pushing the car door closed. "you like rain as well?" he sits beside you and inhales.

you nodded. it started when you were little and you asked your parents about the rain; you wanted to know why rainwater smelled so different from tap or store bought.

to this day you have an obsession with the scent of natural water falling.

"do you know what I like about rain showers?"

jimin asked then was silent a moment, quietly extending his finger to a water drop that had fallen on a flower's petal.

"the rain washes away the bad every now and then...like a refresher or renewal. that plant was pretty when it first grew but overtime the wear and tear of weather and pests start to make it look weaker and more pale."

on one of the flower beds that surrounded the building, a water drop slid over a small flower and captured a spider.

"then the rain comes and washes away the bad, healing and strengthening the flower so it can continue on."

"now sometimes there might be good things that the rain washes away...and that's okay. sometimes we miss good opportunities in life,"

he stretches his hand out the car window, hovering his hand over a ladybug until it shelters itself under a leaf.

"the rains purpose is a clean slate, a fresh start."

"I feel like you're trying to throw subliminal messages."  your facial muscles eased your mouth open, letting that one awkward laugh slip, that one laugh you hate but is the most genuine.

jimin laughs, shaking his hair. his face contouring to his smile."I don't want to be subliminal rita, I want to be plain as day with you. I want to know why do you let him suck the life out of you and kill your beauty?"

there was a pause and you sat up a little straighter, rubbing the creases of your eyes.

"no matter how annoying he might be, he's a big part of my life and I need him. I know it all sounds stupid but without chanyeol I would literally have no idea where I'd be."

you rubbed your arm, inhaling the cool spritz of spring showers."I owe him."

"you owe him your happiness? I don't think so. there's ways to deal with people without letting them steal your joy..."

jimin paused, seokjin stepping out of the building, shades covering his eyes in such a way that he looked like a celebrity.

"have you ever heard of a cleansing session?" he whispers quickly.

your eyes widen and you scrunch up your nose."um a what?"


my apologies, I'm traveling and getting transcripts done and conferences and bleh.

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