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"are you sure you're fine?" jimin stood just inside the doorway of your office, seokjin waiting on the opposite side.

"yes, thank you," you bowed as the two men left you. you needed to get into the zone. eyeing your office you tried to envision it all.

stepping out the door you inhaled and stepped back in, a bold smile on your face."good morning mr ceo, pleasure to meet you." you pretend to shake hands over the desk.

just as you do so the raging scent of some type of metallic wine-like perfume or cologne tickles your nose.

"I won't say it's a pleasure meeting you...rather it's a familiar experience to see you again–like seeing your first car."

you yelp, pivoting to face the figure who was suddenly casting a shadow on your desk.

body concealed under a tailored overcoat and a large crimson v-neck–the husky persona of a chic business man faced you, hands attached to his pockets.

"you look so...like you've been enjoying the sun exposer, not wearing the gifts I troubled myself over getting?"

you open your mouth but no sound comes out. chanyeol has never been one to use the ears attached to his head unless it were to hear his praises.

"ish you always were the petty type, liking to suffer in silence until someone has to rescue you like a damsel in distress."

he reaches into the inner pocket of his silk lined coat, pulling out a phone from the dip in his pocket. "when you run out just call, it's not like I can't splurge an extra five hundred for such a traumatic cause..."

you stumble into your desk, jabbing your thigh on the edge. why would you call you ex boyfriend for makeup? and why was he here?

"traumatic...chanyeol what're you saying?"

"let me catch you up on a business tip because we're old friends—well I'm not really your friend because if I seen you out in public I wouldn't talk to you but I wouldn't want your presence embarrassing me so I'd take care of you."

you grunted. you thought you were going to be meeting with an important ceo, not this trash.

"you work at a company that provides handsome gods like myself for women who needs that prize on their arm. you're supposed to look like you belong here..not like..."

"me." you cut him off, sighing while moving to sit behind your desk.

but his smile seemed to grow as he nods, leaning back in his chair."exactly, but don't feel bad after all everyone has their strong points–even though you're not the prettiest girl I've met you're definitely a smart one."

a few minutes later his assistant arrives after his phone call, handing him a bag and he tosses it on top of your papers, ruffling and mixing them together.

"chanyeol I don't want your gift I—"

"I know you want to be professional and focus on this deal, but don't worry I won't judge you for putting your looks first," his lips widen.
"I'm patient so go on. this is a gift and I want you to try it on for me."

you watched him a moment and stuck your hand in the bag; hearding the ruffling of paper and pulling out the same makeup as the last batch he had tossed at you.

you rolled the concealer over in your hands, you never wanted to put it on but if you knew anything then it was that chanyeol didnt take no for an answer.

"I'll be right back."

you stood, grabbing your ex boyfriend's gift and disappearing from your office, pushing your legs to get you to the bathroom as quickly as possible. you felt like everyone knew, like your face was suddenly a target that was being shot at.

and when you came back his eyes seemed to shine with a little more acceptance.

"I mean you look decent. you're a little shy with the concealer–but don't worry it's still an improvement."

you nodded, sniffing and doing your best to keep your eyes from watering. biting your lip you kept your eyes on the papers you regathered."so should we start talking deals?"

he nods, throwing his weight down on the chair across from you, clasping his hands together.

"promotion of rent-a-boyfriend at my next dinner party, you invite a plus one and we'll talk money, hm?"

"sounds...perfect."  you nodded, ignoring the tear that wanted to fall on the detailed contract.

"  you nodded, ignoring the tear that wanted to fall on the detailed contract

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sometimes i wanna write about exo members

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