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they were cute you'll give them that, the way taehyung raced into the house with his lips pulled wide, cheeks full and his ears twitching as he held out the grocery bags with such confidence you'd thought he'd just won an award.

even jungkook seemed to have a light sheen to him as they approached you.

and you gave them the benefit of the doubt, smiling and welcoming them with as much enthusiasm as you could muster.

but as they dragged you into the kitchen you caught yourself frowning on more than one occasion.

you found nothing.

everything inside of those files were all business, nothing personal like you had hoped.

you were pretty down when you seen and now you couldn't seem to pick your mood back up even if taehyung was cracking witty jokes and jungkook offered his help to you.

still it wouldn't be fair of you to bring down everyone else's mood just because your mission wasn't a success.

"I got dibs on eating the leftover batter," you force your voice to perk up as you stood between the two young men and read the directions for the cake mix.

taehyung wanted to crack the eggs so he was the one to put all the ingredients together. jungkook agreed to mix it all together, but he seemed to need more help than you planned.

"Ish rita, my wrist hurts and I can't do this properly."

you leaned over his shoulder and shook your head."no it looks great." you reassure him only to get a huff in return.

"but it's not right, I don't want it to look good I want it to be perfect—and it doesn't help that my arm still hurts."

taehyung raised his eyebrow while greasing the cake pan, turning to watch.

"here," your lips curve and you take the mixture from jungkook, turning and mixing it yourself when you once again hear his oddly borderline boyish voice.

"I don't want you to do my job for me just...help me." he moves the bowl back towards him and takes your hand—not giving you the time to move away.

he moves so that he was somewhat behind you, your hands controlling the way the mixture is whipped. meanwhile jungkook could learn the proper movements by letting your hand guide his along the sweet paths of swirled sugar and vanilla.

it was sort of nice to feel someone else's hand covering yours. it was warm..comforting in a way.

taehyung watches, eyebrow still raised before shaking his head and coughing."rita I think the mix looks perfect so why don't I pour it into the pan and jungkook can start setting the table?"

you look up and nod, slipping away from jungkook and sliding the bowl over to taehyung who's smile seemed to become wider than before.

"I can't wait to see how it tastes." you gush. you were feeling better now.

but jungkook...his demeanor seemed to run from luke warm to cold again.

"I don't want to play your silly games."

jungkook groans at the other boy's attempts to approach him, and with a pout taehyung turns away and goes to continue on by himself.

after you popped the cake into the oven you all knew that you'd have to wait a while before it would be ready so taehyung took it upon himself to fill the spare time.

but jungkook hardly seemed willing to entertain the other boy's efforts. rather he spent his time perfecting the layout of his table.

and now he and you sat across from each other, him with a porcelain cup to sip from and you with your...well..nothing.

"he was just trying to be nice, don't you think you could at least give him the benefit of the doubt and spend some time with him?"

jungkook set his teacup down, sucking on his inner cheek while carefully repositioning the silverware on the table in their proper order.

for a moment you think that he is actually considering what you were saying.

that is until taehyung choose the wrong moment to make another appearance and start a new round of teasing and taunts to get jungkook to give him attention.

pinching jungkook's cheeks he accidentally knocks over the younger boy's cup and spills the milk on the crotch of his pants, resulting in a dangerous silence.

taking in a deep breath, jungkook adjusted the last fork  on the table while ignoring taehyung who was laughing nervously and trying to hastily clean where he had accidentally spilled on him.

you watch as the man apologizes to the other who had finished arranging his sets. placing his hands in his lap; jungkook closes his eyes.

"you're dead."

somehow taehyung did what you didn't know was even possible, he made jungkook retaliate.

jumping up, the two ended up running around like cat and dog, jungkook eventually pinning the older man down with his legs, using a wet rag from the kitchen and whipping taehyung in the arm until he whines.

you run into the living room where the scene was taking place, trying to pry jungkook off though it wasn't like you could actually move him.

"alright you're playing a bit too rough—!"

suddenly you were yanked and fell. your body pressing against taehyung's torso, he holds you tight. squeezing you lovingly as he looks up at jungkook who was winding up the rag for another lash at him.

"you wouldn't hit our girl would you?" he pouts, the huffs of his tired breath making your neck warm while the intense beating of his chest makes your own heart skip.

jungkook pauses and looks between the two of you before he drops his weapon, "agh!" he glares dangerously at taehyung before walking back to the kitchen.

laughing, taehyung stands and walks you outside, a square smile on his lips though his forehead was sprinkled in sweat.

"how can you laugh when you almost died?" you shake your head, remembering the way his tongue poked from his mouth the second he was pinned down.

"because I didn't die, and as long as I have you dear rita, I have a feeling he can't do anything to me."

"so I guess that means today's my day to date you since I really can't let you go." he turns back, glancing to a window where jungkook was eyeing him suspiciously.

"today you're my girl." he laughs and pulls you in for another bear hug. lips curving devilishly as jungkook's cheeks start to burn and he retreats from the sight.

thought about posting this chapter yesterday for jungkook's birthday—oh well! ♡

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