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"and don't be fooled. they're killer sharks that wear gucci and valentino, then douse themselves in expensive perfumes and cologne so you can't smell how fishy they really are."

you pace the living room as the guys sat watching you. you all were going to coordinate outfits for the chanyeol's dinner party to represent romantique in the best light possible.

and because you already have inside knowledge of what the people there are like and what they expect, this became the key factor in why the company chose you as their representative. and now you were tasked with giving the guys the lowdown on everything they needed to know.

"isn't gyuni from gangnam?" jungkook's scratched his nose and yawns; this was a late weekend for him.

"I thought she was supposed to be coming to help you with the presentation." hoseok leaned forward on the couch, hands folded on his knees.

"she'll meet us there," you breathed your words half heartedly. you were trying to keep that at the back of your mind.

"anyway so do you all understand? jimin?" you turned to the soft coal haired male with his thumb inbetween his teeth, gnawing on the flesh somewhat absentmindedly.

he looked up and seemed to be processing a moment before nodding, and you couldn't help but notice the sheen of sweat on his forehead.

"oh is it hot? I'll turn the air on before I go to bed.." you drifted as you all got up and prepared to go to your own corners for the night.

gyuni pretends to clean her glasses as an excuse not to look at you as you both finally met up for the first time in a while.

you were both stubborn and incredibly wrong for the fight you had..but you both always had a problem with choking down the words, "I'm sorry" and "forgive me."

and despite refusing to speak–the two of you coordinated wardrobes perfectly, her in a sheer two piece crimson business suit and you in a red wine cocktail dress.

you suspect that seokjin had been keeping her in the loop of things but you didn't really care—rather you were relieved that you all looked like you belonged at the same company.

"aw the guests of honor have finally made their debut." a jazzy voice closed in on your small group and you turned to face two native gangnam girls who perfectly fit your description.

"gyuni, rita." the second girl addressed you both by your names while the first looked as if she had forgotten because she paused to see who reacted to which name before offering up her smile.

"you may address me as ten, and my lovely accomplice jin. and who are these hell's angels you've brought us today?"

you nodded towards ten and turned to the boys."this are my co—"

"boyfriends." taehyung cut you off with a dazzling trill to his voice—this seemed to catch the girls off guard as jin clutched her nonexistent pearls.

"co–boyfriends?" ten cocked her head, lips forming a pout as she turned to you with the expression of a lost deer.

"I had no idea you were into that gyuni."

"rita." gyuni coughed as she scratched her ear.

"don't be rude ten, the proper term is polygamy. sure she might have a masculine physic and the grace of a rhino but we promised chanyeol we'd be respectful and not make her feel insecure about her life choices."

"you're right, my apologies rita. It was rude of me to just jump to conclusions like that. besides the more I think about it—this is obviously some new business promotion, because it's not scientifically possible for you to have such a dashing boyfriend, and six of them at that."

there was a pause and you knew they were waiting for you to recover from their low belt blows and answer but you already had no energy for them.

"please taehyung, explain," you grunt. covering your eyes with you hand. mentally wanting to hit a wall—and hopefully the graveness in your voice was enough for him to realize and fix his answer.

"promotion? no. boyfriend's as in we're all dating rita and you shouldn't be so quick to mistreat her the way you are." he places a hand on his side and huffs, brushing his hair from his face with the grace of a killer.

damn it. now you wished you could vanish. why did you think he could handle this again?

there was a small pause before seokjin cleared his throat."he's just being humorous. it's a inside joke between employees."

seokjin stepped up so the girls would turn their attention towards him and his sharply tailored physic.

"see we don't believe that getting the chance to love, care and nurture someone should be seen as work but an opportunity to love new people daily. so we started calling ourselves co-boyfriends instead of co-workers and the name stuck."

"that was beautiful." ten fanned herself, using her finger to press nonexistent tears from her cheeks.

he saved your butt, you'll have to thank him later for that.

immediately after, jin and ten pulled you and gyuni off a little ways—ten's cheeks now warm and turned a shade darker than her skin tone. "you don't think we could rent a boyfriend do you?"

"of course you can," you nod, fixing the strap of your dress that has twisted when they pulled you over.

jin's face brightened and she leaned into your ear, coping her hands around her mouth."is there any chance I could get him?" she shyly extends a finger to taehyung.

you sucked in a breath of air, shaking your head with a not so genuine apologetic face."you know he's one of the really popular choices; he might be booked."

"then what about him? the dashing one with the piercing eyes." she gestures to yoongi and you scrunch your nose.

"you have such good taste and I would say yes but he's always booked up."

jin sighs and shakes her head."if I didn't know any better I'd think you didn't want me to date any of them."

there was a pause before the four of you chorused in fake laughter, and when it finally died down you shook your head. "don't be ridiculous—but spots do fill up fast so you probably should get started on your application form, and make sure to request yoh rita as your handler okay?"

as the girls left you, you couldn't help but notice the smirk in gyuni's face."hm, they're all booked huh?" her tone as witty as ever but with a hint of surprise.

"hey i'm just looking out for the guys. I can't ask them to subject to that torture."

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