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seokjin drove you both back home after work, and while you did agree to going grocery shopping, you didn't know that he'd stay behind and you'd be taking someone else.

"yoongi, do you have a dinner request?"

you lean ever over the couch with a notebook and pen in-between your fingers; rattling the ink as you waited for his replay.

"dinner? ah seokjin said we were going to the store," yoongi reminds himself as he stretches his tired arms until he accidentally slides off the couch, shirt rising up and exposing his torso.

"ish..." he takes a hand through his unkept hair and stands, pulling up his pants on his waist and adjusting his shirt back over his stomach.

"well it's about time, I've grown tired of these buffoons," he stands beside you and rests his head on your shoulder playfully."I need a woman's touch."

you chuckled at the whine in his voice and nodded, eventually walking ahead of him to the front door where you meet a pouty taehyung.

he seemed to perk up as you came but immediately slips back into his gloomy state as he sees who was behind you.

"I'm starting to suspect we're star crossed lovers." he laughs somewhat bitterly at yoongi's approach, shaking his head with obvious reluctance in his stance.

"aw, I promise next time taehyung okay?" you lift your hands up into two supportive fists, smiling to him until he returns the fighting gesture.

moving aside to let you walk, you tickle under his chin to bring back his intense smile.

however the moment yoongi walked towards him, the freckled male a little too aggressively to be labeled "playful"—shoves taehyung with a laugh.

and in the distance you could hear the male whining."of course he did it...you guys never see him pick on me!"

"don't worry about it, I'd never really hurt the guy..but it's fun to mess with him because he's newer."

you nod and consider a moment.
"did you ever get picked on when you started working here?"

"would you pick on a guy with freckles like these?" he scrunched his nose and twitches to display his brown specks with a laugh. shaking his head as he gets into the car and you drive to the market.

you both walked into the marketplace, yoongi hunched over the basket as he pulled it along while you walked a little ahead and would grab various foods.

but supposedly that was too boring for yoongi because you started to notice him huffing as you grabbed all the foods that had healthy or low fat in the title.

slowly you started to notice that each time you turned back, the basket seemed to have more stuff in it then you recall putting in.

and it wasn't until you found a stack of snack cakes did you realize what was going on.

"yoongi stop it you're ruining my basket," you scratched the bridge of your nose before putting the treats back in the shelf.

turning away you hear a pile of things seeming to fall on top of each other and you turn again to see an even bigger pile.

yoongi's lips plastered with a quirky and too innocently made smile."I don't know who did that," he shrugs.

raising an eyebrow you shake your head and take a snack—slowly placing it on the shelve.

without breaking his eyes from you, yoongi knocked the box back into the basket—his persona was literally that of a bitchy cat...which was kind of funny since a bitch is a dog but he reminds you of a cat..so he's a doggish cat.

"ish lighten up, I'm starving." he frowns when you squint your eyes at him.

you two pushed on for a while and you honestly didn't want to look at the clock. grocery time seemed to always warp for you—it would feel like five minutes but when you'd look at the time it would say that you've been in isle seven for two days.

hence why you never liked shopping with your parents growing up—especially when they sent you to the check out and you were forced to wait in line while they ran to get something else.

still you were making progress and was actually proud of your healthy choices, even though they were a lot more expensive and didn't actually seem appetizing.

but you have to make sacrifices sometimes.

turning, you start to pass by the snack isle when you feel an airbag like weight hit the back of your head, making you jump.

feeling the back of your head, you turn to stare down yoongi who was poking his tongue around the inside of his cheek.

"I'm hungry, buy those." his voice dry as he smacked his lips.

"and I don't like sugar free." he mumbles as he bends over the basket rail and reaches in to throw the food back at you that didn't meet his approval.

"ah, yoongi! quit it!" you demand between catching the products being thrown at you, stumbling in your work shoes—quickly you tried to shove everything onto the shelves without anyone noticing how sloppy it was.

"alright it's getting late..." he mumbles as walks around the basket—taking your hand and pulling you around to the front.

"I'm giving us twelve minutes to get everything we need," he decides as he pushes himself into the basket— his butt sinking in as his legs hung over the edge.

you were about to scold him for ruining all of your hard work when he suddenly started speaking in an announcer voice, startling you but catching your attention.

"this is guy fieri here on another episode of guy's grocery games and today we have contestant rita who must haul her teammate yoongi while getting all the items on his list in under twelve minutes."

"each minute she loses thirty dollars and she only has three hundred and sixty dollars to win...that is unless you're scared."

he looked up with his teeth showing.

something about his exaggerated speech and the opportunity to "win" got you hyped up and no longer in the sour dictator mood that you previously found yourself in."of course Im not scared."

somehow this grown man convinced you to push him through out the store, hauling him around as if he were a king.

but it was okay because you got to throw all of the groceries on top of him; making you laugh so hard that you hardly noticed that everything on his version of the grocery list was a compromise for the blandness you had planned to buy.

but it was okay because you got to throw all of the groceries on top of him; making you laugh so hard that you hardly noticed that everything on his version of the grocery list was a compromise for the blandness you had planned to buy

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