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do you know what's really awkward? listening to a guy pour his entire heart out, telling you how much he loves you...thinking that you're someone else.

and you feel terrible, because you want to tell him to stop, but in the same breath you want to pretend it's really for you, that he really loved you.

"I don't even know how to explain how much I love you...I was so scared when we started working together. you were the new manager at the flower shop and I was just hired..." jinyoung shook his head, trying not to cry, but he couldn't speak either. each time he tried to continue he'd find it to be to much.

"I just really love you tami," he finally chokes, turning to raise the veil as the priest nods.

you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to drop your head and let your hair cover your face. but it didn't matter–jinyoung seen the difference.

"who—you're not–"

"I'm not your fiancée and I'm so so sorry, let me explain—"

"I'm here!" a girl with ashy brown hair dashed into the room, sweatpants and all, her hair sticking out into two awkward pigtails, bangs clipped back with a hot pink clip.

the echo of her plush cow shaped houseshoes filled the room, the mooing audio repeating with each step. eventually she bends at the knees, huffing.

"tami?" jinyoung's eyes widen, turning back to you."then who the hell—"

"rita!" tami's voice a odd huff of breath, she was exhausted but her smile was warm, looking up to you as if you were her savior.

nervously smiling at the man you tricked, you step down from the alter and gather the edges of the dress, lifting it so you could meet the real bride who stood in the middle of the isle.

"I am so sorry for this mix up honestly I can't even express how bad I feel for ruining your–"

she pulls you into a hug, squeezing you until you lost track of your words, eventually she pulls back, cheeks pulled up into a smile— freckles scattered all over her body.

"you saved my butt and made my wedding really, really, really, really special–I mean how often does someone get to have an epic story about having a stunt double play them at their own wedding?" the girl laughed before her eyes trailed to her fiancé.

he no longer looked surprised, no. he held his chin in his palm, eyeing tami with some form of an admirable gaze, shaking his head at her with some sort of knowing smile.

"and besides...this isn't the weirdest thing I've done, jinyoung knows that unexpected things happen to me everyday...but he's okay with that and that's why I love him."

you nod, holding tami by her shoulders and carefully pulling the veil off of your head and laying down on hers.

you then gave her the heels and she slipped them on before turning to her fiancé and walking up to him.

"Ish..what am I going to do with you, my little black cat? you cause so much trouble with me and without me."

"you're supposed to do nothing, just stay by my side and be my good luck charm." tami's cheeks blossomed a soft peach, smiling up to the other who knew her mischievous ways.

now jinyoung chuckled, nodding gently as he took tami's fingers, leaning in and letting his lips wed hers.

the priest blinked, glancing through his book and quickly flipping towards the end."ain't supposed to start kissing till I say but whatever..."

the audience cheered and clapped, tami's grandma even bouncing a bit.

and this made you feel good, it made you feel better about the day, so quietly you turn to leave the room.

deafened by the cheering and laughter of the two joined families, you start to walk when you see a figure at the door.

namjoon stood, lips crooked as he clapped along with the people, eyes on you.

"you could've been a beautiful bride," he mouths with a sadistic twist in his lip. "that could've really been you–I guess not everyone gets a happy ending."

he smiles and turns, stepping through the doors.

instinctively you start to follow, passing through the doors and turning your head back and forth. he was gone.

and he was right.

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