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just a list of fun facts that I felt the need to make a list of while writing the story, slip ups, character insights and other things that I figured I could share!


fact one;

gyuni was not originally in the story.

she started as a nameless character who would be used as the plot trope for the breakup. she wouldn't be mentioned again.

later she got an extended role when it was decided that for a bigger impact, instead of a random girl; let her be a friend of rita's so it would hurt more.

at that point she was given the name gyuni but still wasn't supposed to make any appearances outside of the first chapter.

however during the writing process she got a bigger overall role by becoming the main character's safety and female support.

fact two;
yoongi was almost forgotten in the writing process and had to be written in quite late in the character designing stage.

fact three;
namjoon was not originally the heart breaking fiancé—the role was intended for minho of shinee but was later changed to seokjin or hoseok to stick with the group theme. it was later settled that hoseok would get the role but upon writing the boyfriend descriptions, the joyful boyfriend seemed best fitting for him and so he and namjoon switched.

fact four;
the story was not written with bts in mind. it was supposed to be given to monstax,
but upon beginning the writing process, the characters didn't feel right and the author felt uncomfortable using the group for the story. she felt that "she wasn't doing them justice."
and due to the lack of a stronger bond with the members she felt disconnected when writing.

she also felt that the story's end results would be biased because she had a major crush on wonho.

fact five;
upon getting to introduce the boyfriends to rita, it occurred to the author that the storyline could potentially suggest to some readers that rita(you) in fact needed a man to be happy.

originally after being introduced rita was supposed to fall asleep due to the cookies and milk before getting a chance to argue.

however in order to combat this error, the scene was changed so she would storm off in anger because she felt that she was being pressed to be with a man when she obviously wasn't ready.

there was a message addressed to both the character and readers when hoseok came to comfort her and tells her to look at it a different way.

the author wanted the readers to understand that it depends on how it's looked at, and suggests a better way to look at the following events.

fact six;
namjoon's progressive aggression was not planned–but suited him. despite being the story's main antagonist, namjoon had very few impacting scenes and it was decided that he needed to be given more.

while writing, his character's storyline guided his traits to a self confident man who really does believe he's perfect and thinks everything will work out.

but having his world crumble slowly because he made the wrong choice would show a less in control and selfish person. he believes that rita(you) will come back to him which is why he is so calm following the events.

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