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"that's right franklin, mama's gotta travel which means she has to figure out who's gonna babysit you," your eyes crinkle as you bend down to your turtle, stretching out a piece of lettuce to him.

ofcourse he took the treat, however it almost costed you a finger when he practically snatched the thing out of your grasp, making you scowl. "I think franklin is in his teenage years."

"well he's doing better than you ever did. you were a hot mess in high school," despite the glare of gyuni's glasses and long hair, you could detect her cringe at your former self.

"excuse me?"

"oh whoops my bad, you're still a mess,"
gyuni chuckles, hauling her suitcase into your room and unzipping it, tossing the top open and disappearing into your closet."I know you have a good sweater in here somewhere."

you shrug, flopping down on top of your hard shelled suitcase, thinking of all the sweaters you owned but were most likely stained or on their last seam.

"we also need to double check our suitcases to make sure that we both have clothes that I can fit, because I'm not about to pack a heavy bag and haul it around like a bodybuilder, "

"then why even bring a suitcase if you're going to wear my stuff?"

gyuni made her way back out of the closet, huffing and dropping her hand against her hip."this bag is for all the clothes I'm going to buy while traveling, clearly. besides it never hurts to try and save some space..er..room. I never liked using that word."


"space, I never liked using that word. how do you save space? it's freaking space, space is endless so why do we need to save any of it?"

there was a pause and you blink, rubbing your eyes and questioning why she didn't come with a translations book of some kind."I'm sorry I blacked out, you lost me at 'I never liked'."

gyuni scrunches her nose and huffs, blowing a strand of hair out of her face before pointing her finger at the bag under your butt.

lifting up, you push your suitcase up beside her's and open it, letting her rummage through while you constantly remind her not to make a mess as you took forever to organize it.

"quit being a baby, now where's your jewelry?"  your best friend shoos you off to fetch some accessories and you actually listen to her without a fuss...which is a rarity.

opening your dressers, you glance around. finding odd earrings and things sitting in spots that they don't belong.

"ah, shi—!"

without warning, you hit your foot against something hard and jump, biting your knuckles to keep from cursing.

after pacing a while, you finally recover from the shock to your toes, pausing to shoot a glare at the attacker—a small worn royal blue wooden box, sitting perfectly between a pair of old joggers and a purse that you never use.

"it's still here?" you mumble and shuffle in your closet, pushing your shoes and laundry from the floor until you can pull the small box out completely.

twisting the latch, you pull the chest open and find yourself smiling at the contents inside. you didn't realize how long it had been since you looked at that stuff..especially after gyuni fixed your room up for you, it sort of slipped your mind.

"If it takes you that long to find two earrings then I don't want it," gyuni calls from your bed and you glance up–shaking your head with a soft laugh.

turning, you collect your jewelry and the contents of your chest, striding back out of the closet–setting the accessories in front of gyuni and turning away, grabbing your cardigan out of your suitcase and heading out of the room.

"hey, where are you going?"

stopping, you shake your head. you couldn't explain it because it was more of a feeling type of thing. "nowhere."

she pokes her tongue against her cheek, shifting her weight on her hips and crossing her arms, a classic 'oh really?' expression between the two of you. "what are you doing?"


"don't tell me that. because every time you leave this house unsupervised something always happens, it's never a simple nowhere and nothing."

"trust me, it's nothing. I'll be back in forty five minutes," you reach over her and grab a knit hat, smiling softly and wiggling your fingers as you left the room.

shortly after you make it downstairs, you hear her calling from your room.

"make it thirty and I will hunt you down."

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