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you agreed to take a walk with your six new acquaintances after breakfast and already you were trying to rehearse each of their names.

already taehyung has pulled ahead, grabbing jimin by his sleeve and dragging him along for the ride.

the quiet one..the one who's name reminded you of a baked treat stayed a little ways behind, arms above his head as he walked beside yoongi and seokjin. you didn't realize how tall he was until he stood next to them.

meanwhile you lingered behind with hoseok, hoping to get to know him a little.

"if I didn't know better I would've thought you were brothers." you chuckled, feeling the morning rays on your skin.

"you know you can stop putting up that face with me."

you looked up to him, blinking as he faced the sun, it didn't seem to faze him the least. with a shake of your head you wave him off. "what face?"

"I know when a smile is being faked..I supposed I'm a lie detector for fake happiness."

yoy didn't speak immediately but shook your head."well you might want to check your detector."

"I know acting when I see it."

you brushed your hair back, hugging yourself as you watched the others running ahead, silently wishing you were up there. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"he was your fiancé." hoseok paused, turning to look down at you.

"you loved him and you had your entire future planned out."

you could feel your throat tighten, how your chest started to feel smaller as if there wasn't enough space for you to breath.

"and even now when there's six other people looking out for you you're still trying to figure out why wasn't he the one to chase you down when you ran away last night...instead of me."

you stopped walking, covering your mouth and holding your breath because you knew if you let go you'd break and look just as pathetic as always.

he pulled you under his arm, resting his chin on your head."you have to be honest with us."

he paused, you were starting to shake and sob on his chest."how can we–no how can I take care of you and make you feel better if you keep pretending like nothing is ever wrong?"

"rita look at me. I need you to know I'm serious." his hand cupped the side of your face, and you found yourself holding on.

"don't try and hide your pain from us, we're here to make it better,okay? don't you trust me to take care of you?"

"no I trust you, I-I'm sorry hoseok."

hoseok lifted your head, wiping your face."good. things will only get better from here, I promise."

carefully he turned and looked over his shoulder."care for a piggyback ride?"

you nodded somewhat sheepishly, sniffling some but continuing to wrap your arms around his neck, hopping onto his back and allowing him to help you catch up with the others.

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