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after things went south with your secret plan, the boys had made an effort to extend their relationship with you to outside the boarders of your house.

hopefully you'd be more at ease and less likely to feel the need to sneak out that way.

likewise, the longer you all kept this russ up–the more you all became accustomed to one another and it was no longer strange for you to find one of your "boyfriends" cooking breakfast or taking out the trash.

the structure of the way your home worked slightly changed after you got to understand everyone.

now you cooked dinners and jungkook became you sous chef, at breakfast the pairing was typically yoongi and taehyung. jimin and hoseok always set and cleared the table after meals, and seokjin liked to be spontaneous when it came to his cooking.

sometimes you'd offer help the other groups but usually you only got light laughs as you were pushed out of the kitchen, and though you pouted you honestly couldn't complain, something about watching them work together made you smile.

your relationship became a give and take.

you trusted them even when you left them in your house and you went to work.

sometimes however you still think about gyuni and wish you could tell her about everything, but because you were mixed between pride and embarrassment you didn't talk to her.

today you were covered in flour and sweet things, honey, bread crumbs, powdered sugar and milk to name a few.

you were cooking up the meal of your life and refused to let any of the boys help you prepare.

"suppers ready!" you called before laughing to yourself, "supper sounds so classy..."

you greeted each male as he stepped into the room, eyes already gorging down on the buffet you had laid out before their mouths could even taste.

"as a thank you," you bowed again before gesturing to the table."go on, sit—enjoy yourselves."

you pivoted and turned back to start cleaning up the mess you had made until you heard someone clear their throat."does someone need a drink?"

you turn back to see jungkook standing with his arms crossed over his chest, inches away from your flour covered apron.

chewing on the inside of his cheek–or more like devouring it by how intensely he focused on the action— he locked his eyes with yours only a moment before deciding that he'd rather watch your batter covered hands that you held in front of yourself.

you actually never noticed how you could see his tongue poke against his mouth until that moment..

"eat with us."

"ah no I want you all to enjoy yourselves without me, this is your gift for y'know saving me the other day."

he didn't speak for a moment, rather he turned back to look to the others who all seemed rather disappointed in your suggestion.

"you're not our servant girl and if you really want to give us a gift...eat with us."

"look at me, I'm dirty.."

you caught jungkook's lips turn up in a quiet laugh as he grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the sink, grabbing the soup and cupping your hands in his; rubbing his fingers against your hands until the soup washed away all the powders from your skin.

it felt weird and sort of tingly even with the way your hands felt in his, even if they had a little flour on them.

turning you to face him, jungkook moved his hands around your body and untied the apron from around your waist, not once did his eyes meet yours as the transaction took place—only when he was done did he look at you.

"you look spotless to me."

"little mama can cook everything under the sun but won't try a fry dipped in a shake,"

hoseok scoffs even though you caught the playfulness in his tone as he helped himself to another serving of the food on the table.

"because I have standards," you look him up and down in a challenging way before taking a bite of rice, cheeks swollen to indicate the smile you were trying to hide.

"well either way it's delicious rita..I might have to switch cooking partners this week," yoongi sunk his teeth into a bite of pasta, wiping the smudge of sauce from his lips as he gives you a pleasant smile.

"Ish rip my heart out why don't you? and for once I think dinner would be a good chance for me to spend time with—ow!"

you sat up from your plate and looked to taehyung who was moving his arm, rubbing his leg in pain and glaring at jungkook who was focused on slurping up his food.

"I was going to say jimin you dope," he grunts as he takes another bite.


you look up again, expecting taehyung to be glaring at jungkook again but instead was holding his tongue and whimpering.

"I bit my tongue..."

now it was your turn to chuckle as you looked to seokjin who was focused on cutting his meat and scooping up rice with his fork.

"well seokjin?"

"hm?" he paused, looking to you with wide eyes as if he had forgotten that anyone else was at the table with him—his cheeks obviously being stuffed with food and you were hoping that he remembered to breath.

"the food..is it okay?"

he nods slowly, still trying to chew before he could answer."very good rita–thank you."

now you were beaming, swinging your legs under the table with a closed smile as you admired the boys.

"there's nothing like a good home cooked meal to fatten someone up." taehyung chuckled as he tried to reach over and pat jimin's stomach—who by reflex leaned away and threatened him with a fork.

"how would you like it if someone kept playing tickle me elmo with you huh?"

ever since the incident jimin seemed to be more expressive with his more aggressive side; it sort of brought a new dimension to him.

it remembered you that each one of these guys had much more to them then just the "perfect boyfriend" that they wanted you to see.

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