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you both ate and laughed until you weren't sure if you had a tummy ache from the sweets or from laughing too hard.

eventually namjoon moved his chair beside yours and you rested your head on his shoulder. sleeping off the less than nutritional meal until the waiter actually came and gently woke you both up; telling you that you could take your time but they would be closing as it was getting late.

"come on I'll walk you out." namjoon rubbed your arm until you opened your eyes, drowsy.

you forced yourself to stand up and he took your purse, walking you out the door with his hand on your back.

"I had fun." you stopped by his car, smiling so intensely that your eyes even seemed to smile if it were possible.

"me too.." he drifts before looking around, somewhat hesitant to get in his car."I'll walk you to your car if you want."

you shake your head, hair swaying. "no I'm taking the bus home." your voice still drowsy from sleep.

"oh..you know I could always drive you back."

"no it's fine, I like the bus." liar. but in truth you really didn't need him coming home with you in case the boys got back, you could always explain why you went out on your own but you wouldn't be able to explain namjoon to them.

he nodded, shoving his hands into his trench and looking up, "smells like rain..you should get going soon then."

he turns to look at you again, stepping close."stay warm okay?" he took your hands, dragging his fingers against your skin. "and don't stay out too late..a lot of creeps walk the streets."

despite his words sounding like a farewell, his actions contradicted it. the way he moved you so that your back was pressed against his car, the soft hitches in his breath as he leaned close, cupping your hands in his.

you felt the warmth in your chest as he rests his forehead on yours, smiling up at him..at your fiancé.

no..no, not fiancé.

"you said just friends.." you remind him as you held the palms of your hands against his chest, holding him back and denying him the embracement.

a hug was one thing but you just wouldn't kiss him. how quickly you were willing to let yourself forget everything, you can forgive..but don't forget.

namjoon didn't push it, but his face showed disappointment and...annoyance?  he pushed you away as quickly as he came to you, shaking his head.

"friends kiss all the time rita."

"well I'm just not into that."


"because I'm not comfortable with you...you still did hurt me, I still have to recover from that."

"I thought we said we were starting clean? why are you still holding things over my head huh?" he rubbed the back of his neck, shaking his head.

"you're being unreasonable. I gave you my time and attention but you still can't get over one thing."

"you didn't give me your love..and that's why we're here." you shot back, crossing your arms.

his lips parted and he rubbed the back of his neck, sucking on the inside of his cheek.

you watched as he walked around and got inside of his car, starting it up. the entire time you called his name but he wouldn't answer.

"namjoon we can be friends..just not those type of friends."

he paused as he rolled down the window, not even glancing your way."rita wake up. how can I be friends with my ex?"

he didn't give you a chance to respond when he starts driving, the last thing you seen before he speeds off is your purse in the passengers seat.


you were starting to chase after him but then you see your bus on the opposite side of the street. having to pick you run towards the bus.

unfortunately you miss it. "that was the last one.."

your bus was gone, he was gone and now you were standing all alone.  the only thing that made it worse was that namjoon's prediction was right. the rain started to pour down, hard.

within minutes you were drenched though you tried to find shelter with no luck.

the cafe had already locked its doors and closed up for the night as did many other buildings.
and the worst part was that when they closed their lights went off, leaving you in the dark streets.

you hugged yourself close to a sidewalk light post, grabbing your phone and bringing it to your wet face, and your face wasn't wet because you were crying—oh no you didn't have to cry, the sky was crying for you.

you had called seokjin's number but the one who answered was jungkook. swallowing your pride you told him everything, from sneaking out to being trapped out in the rain.

"I'm so scared," you stayed on the line with jungkook by his request. he was coming to get you.

but between the time you called and the time he actually wrapped his arms around you...you felt nothing but regret, guilt and fear.

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