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"there's the girl I've been looking for."

seokjin peaked his head around the corner and smiled up at you, waving enthusiastically. stepping into your office, he sits down across from you.

it was yet another day at the office for you.

"you wanted to see me about a request?"

nodding, you flip through the papers and turn to a request.

"yeah, a lady name hyeri would like a really funny boyfriend who can be really silly and make her laugh. I called you because I heard that you were good at jokes."

unexpectedly seokjin's lips pulled into a smile and he leaned forward. grabbing a piece of blank paper from your desk.

"want to hear a joke about a piece of paper?" his eyes lit up as he tried not to chuckle.

"never mind... it's tearable." he laughs, ripping the piece of paper in two.

and you sat, dumbfounded. that was so stupid but yet you were starting to snicker."get out of my office, that was terrible."

seokjin wiped his eyes, recomposing himself."wait wait I got another one."

"no you don't, that was the corniest thing I've ever heard." you shook your head, cheeks and stomach starting to feel sore from the workout you were giving them by laughing so hard.

jin looked to you and the broad smile on your face pleasantly."ah it's good to see that you still have the ability to smile and have a good time."

he turns to throw the ripped paper away in your trash bin before looking up to you, thinking.

"maybe you should consider renting me sometime. It's so hard to talk to people after hours and I have a lot more jokes where that come from."

"spend money on a guy to fake affection towards me? I think I learned my lesson last time."

"aw come on everyone deserves a free trial, and besides I want to see that precious look on your face again."

"cute but I'll pass, now do you want this request or should I give it to someone else?"

you wiggled the paper in front of his face though he wasn't looking at it. he kept his eyes on you as he grabbed it, and you felt your heart racing.

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