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you've been nominated for employee of the year for the fourth year in a row.

amazing since you don't actually do anything.

still you(rita), couldn't be happier about it and your colleagues have been endlessly cheering on your success ever since you became a member of romantique ; a company specialized in everything romance from dating stimulation games, to lingerie brands, and rentable men who act as your perfect boyfriend.

you joined after meeting your fiancé of three years through the program. you were getting over a bad break up when you hired him for two weeks but six months later, he was still at your side.

you eventually joined the company to spread love to others out there who need a little romance in their lives.

and now you were here, standing in your living room with a letter in hand congratulating you on being picked as employee of the year again.

you were in a good mood, working hard on your acceptance speech; preparing for your reward though you'd probably end up saying something awkward anyway.

"can you believe it?" you squealed, grinning until it started to hurt. "I got employee of the year. me–namjoon, me of all people got the award."


"I always thought gyuni would get it, I mean have you seen her work? but no I got it–I run the world now."

you fell into your fiancé's arms, smiling as you snuggled in close."no I don't really run anything but still,I'm just really happy."

namjoon turned to you, rubbing your arm and letting the warmth from his touch calm you from your excited feelings.

"I'm proud of you." his dimples dug into his cheeks when he smiled down on you. there was a moment of calm before you sprung up, startling him and hence forth ruining the sweet moment.

"okay tell me what you think of my speech!"

you were prepared to give the best speech of your life, the one that will make your former teachers weep in shame for ever doubting you.

but nothing prepared you for when your three years going fiancé arrived desperately at the celebration wanting to tell you something.

"I'm just really grateful for this, I mean I really don't know what to say." you smiled in front of your fellow coworkers and friends, waving to some of the girls you personally worked with.

"I work at a company that I love, with people that I love and met a guy who I absolutely adore."

you shrugged, brushing back a strand of hair that had been tickling your ear. "I'm just grateful I guess, romantique will always hold a special place in my heart and I will continue to do my best to spread—"

the doors of the dining hall swung open and namjoon stumbled in. you were startled at first, scared that he was going to hurt himself.

but your fear quickly disappeared as he stood up straight, brushing his suit back, and when he noticed the watchful eyes he gave small waves to his former colleagues.

stepping up to where you stood at the front of the room he took your hands."rita I need to talk to you."

you scrunched your nose, pulling away from his hold and turning to fix his disheveled hair."ish always so messy..."

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