thank you(sequel mention)♡

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thank you so much for coming with me on this journey of finding love and moving on.

I appreciate each one of you and I'm thankful for the time you put aside to read this.

I have so many things I could thank you guys for, like getting rent-a-boyfriend ranked, or for sixty-six thousand views.

or I could just thank you guys for being so kind to me and making me smile and laugh and engaging with me and these characters.

I always knew that I was going to make this story into two books whether anyone actually read the book or not because I had so much fun plotting it and developing characters in this world.

I am currently still working out the kinks to that plot and I am ten times more nervous for that because sequels usually aren't as good as the first book.

but I feel like it was necessary, I felt like rita shouldn't get the guy just yet, and idk that was just my gut feeling the entire time I was writing.

honestly the plot is so complex right now that I don't even know who rita will end up with ha.

but nonetheless, I hope my gut feeling was right and I hope that I can continue to improve and get better so I can provide better content, better plots, and form better relationships with you guys.

and regarding the second book, the only thing that I can really disclose as of now is that the story will be darker in terms of mood, or atleast I hope it will come off that way.

things will be much harder for rita and she'll have to make choices that will hurt someone no matter what.

the story definitely won't be as cute but have an almost sultry femme fatale vibe. y'know, rita is maturing, gyuni is maturing, and the boys have been maturing as well—things aren't as cute for them anymore, they don't want a cute little summer fling, everyone is searching for that real deal partner that they can spend their lives with, everyone is searching for that other half that truly makes them happy.

idk I just have to keep tweaking the plot and the storyline but that is the general vibe I'm going for with the second book.

uhhhh Idk how to end this without being awkward so...gotta blast!

(seriously I love you guys okay kisses, bye!)

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