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there were strangers in your house.

you slowly reached your hand out, grasping a handful of namjoon's shirt; wrinkling the fabric from your tightening fist.

you now your heart was pounding but you couldn't start looking around like you didn't belong. what if they were going to hurt you?

"go back to the car." namjoon's voice a strong whisper that momentarily brought your running thoughts to a stop.

turning he started leading you back outside the house, each time one of the guys appeared he'd shift you to the side of him, farther away from them.

pushing off your steps, you both got into the car and locked the doors, you even leaned over to make sure no one had snuck in and was lingering in the backseat.

"call the police." he handed you his phone while pulling out of the drive. nodding you take the phone and dial the number.

"hello? yes I think someone broke into my house."

the police went on to ask you if anyone was hurt and other questions before telling you to stay away from the scene.

with a sigh namjoon rests his hand on your side of the car and you take it, resting his palm against your cheek, closing your eyes.

after that ordeal namjoon took you downtown to a small apartment complex–he didn't want to leave you anywhere by yourself.

sure in the moment you both were in your feelings, scared and worried for each other. those feelings didn't just leave when you broke up. years of caring doesn't disappear like that.

but the longer you sat in that car the less anxious you were and the more upset you became at yourself for letting yourself run to him for support like that.

and now there was no talking him out of making you stay the night, he just keeps saying."I took care of you for three years, I think one night won't kill you."

twisting the creaking doorknob, he pushes the door open to a emptish room, there was a bed, a chair and a turtle stepping on the tv remote.

"franklin!" you made your way to your pet's side and give him a air kiss, watching as he tried to step on the channel buttons.

unfortunately he was so slow that before he could finish typing the channel number it would flip.

giggling, you pick him up and take the remote, turning to the sea life channel, his favorite.
the turtle stops moving and sits in front of the screen.

"I got a friend to bring him, thought you'd come looking for him when you seen he was gone so you'd have to talk to me."

there was a moment of quiet before you spoke up.

"so you kidnapped him and held him hostage?" you scrunched your nose at your ex fiancé, he  wasn't making his case any better.

"not exactly I mean he's not being held against his will and he gets tv so was it really that bad?"

you could've argued with him but you didn't, seeing that he was taking care of the turtle while you actually forgot him ever since refusing to go into that house. you were better off not fighting a battle you won't win.


yes the turtle knows how to work a remote okay

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