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b-ring b-ring.
b-ring b-ring.

you open your eyes and immediately
close them. it was too early for this.

reaching your hand over to your nightstand, you felt around it, feeling your hair pins, candy wrappers, and stuffed animal you were probably too old for, until you found your phone.

squinting your eyes, the blue light on the screen is blurry until you eventually adjust to it. no phone call.

you closed your eyes again, scrunching your nose as the blackened hair in front of you tickles it.

b-ring b-ring.
b-ring b-ring.

"rita...get the door," gyuni groaned into the pillow, hugging her arms around it and refusing to budge.

"door?" you mumble the words out loud before dropping your phone somewhere in the depths of your bed sheets.

after a moment more of no movement and a bell still ringing, you felt the weight of gyuni's foot pushing your legs out of the bed until you fall out with a full thud.

"door." was her last command before turning over, wrapping herself in your blankets.

grunting, you slide your feet up and force yourself to get off of the ground before you fell asleep there.

"door..open the door..I should've made you open the door.." you grumbled as you dragged yourself to the front, rubbing your eyes as you pull the door open.

"are you trying to be late? let's go, let's go," a shorter woman with a tight hair knot and round rimmed glasses tugs on your arm, her heels clicking as she pulled backwards.

"huh? wait I don't eve—"

the woman yanks you out of the house and the door slams shut, making you squeak and flinch.

"you know we have a schedule to keep," she huffs while using her free hand—aka the one not dragging you out of your home against your will, and messaging someone.

she stops at a car in the driveway and pauses when you pull away from her. "what are you doing?"

"no, what are you doing?" you point down at her, scrunching your nose and trying to ignore the desire to rub your cold arms in order to appear assertive.

this would really be a good time for you to remember those five minute self defense clips you watched online–sure they seemed useless and unrealistic at the time but anything was better than letting yourself get kidnapped in your pajamas.

"tami, today's your wedding and you're literally the only person not already at the wedding hall getting prepared."

now you were lost. "tami? my names not tami."

the woman's eyes slowly grew wider as you spoke, shaking her head to herself. "you're not?"

"no, I'm rita," you dropped your hands to finally cover your numb arms, rubbing off the chilly air, you'd get sick if you didn't cover up soon.

"but as the wedding organizer it's my job to know where the bride and groom are, and this was the address I got when the groom called a few days ago, see."

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